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Current Covid-19 update

(Updated on the 13th of September 2021)



For each degree programme and study module it will be decided singly how much contact teaching there will be and how much of contact teaching can be arranged remotely. The objective is that full-time students will be offered regular contact teaching. Hybrid models where some students are present on campus and some take part remotely can be utilized when the teacher sees it functional, but students will not automatically be offered the chance to participate remotely to all teaching.

The teacher of each study module will inform students about the teaching method on Itslearning. 

Follow the official instructions

Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL)

Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates

When you arrive in Finland from other countries, please visit THL's page for further information on what you should know and what you should do when coming to Finland: Travel and coronavirus pandemic

Health care officials

Soite's coronavirus site (Kokkola)
Kallio peruspalvelukuntayhtymä (Ylivieska)
Vaasa hospital district (Pietarsaari)


Instructions in Covid-19 exposures, quarantine and after being tested

Quarantine instructions for exposed:

  • Quarantine means staying at home. The purpose is to avoid possible further transmissions in case the person in quarantine is infected.
  • The person placed in quarantine must stay at home, but the family can otherwise live as usual.
  • Staying at home means that social contacts and travelling is restricted.
  • The person’s family members are not placed in quarantine because the quarantined person has been in close contact with someone who has contracted the virus, but their family and friends have not. The situation changes if the exposed person gets infected.


Self-isolation of the infected:

  • The patient who is in a good shape can be taken care of at home, if a doctor, after estimating the patient’s basic illnesses and general condition, considers it is safe.
  • All contacts outside home must be avoided. The patient must be accessible at all times. During the home treatments, the patient must follow the instructions of the doctor or the infection rejection unit.


After Coronavirus test:

  • The patient must stay at home quarantine until the results are published.
  • Other family members can live as usual.
  • Staying at home means that social contacts and travelling is restricted. Avoid contacts that last over 15 minutes.
  • Going outside is allowed as long as you avoid contact with others.
  • Family members are not placed in quarantine.


Other things to pay attention to

  • Everyone can slow down the spread of coronavirus with their own actions.
  • Visit the campus only when you are completely symptomless.
  • Take good care of the hand hygiene and coughing etiquette and make sure to keep a safe distance.
  • It is strongly suggested to use a facemask when you visit the campus.
  • Contact the public health service by phone if you have flu symptoms (cold, fever, muscle soreness or shortness of breath): Kokkola, tel. 06 828 7499, Ylivieska, tel. 08 419 5140, Pietarsaari, tel. 06 786 1333.
  • If an employee or a student, or his/her family member, close friend or relative has any symptoms that resemble the symptoms of Covid-19, it is recommended that the person doesn’t come to the campuses until he/she has made a coronavirus test and it is proven that he/she doesn’t have coronavirus infection.
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