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Arriving to Centria UAS

Students are supposed to take care of arriving to Finland and to Centria UAS by themselves. Centria UAS does not have any services concerning arrival of students.

Arrival information

When you are aware of your date and means of arrival, you should send the following information to the contact person of the degree programme you are starting studies at:

  • The date of arrival
  • The exact time of arrival

In Finland the working week is five days (from Monday to Friday) and office hours are usually from 8 (9) am. to 4 (5) pm. Please notice this when planning your arrival in Finland, because in case you arrive during the weekend all offices will be closed (student affairs office, banks etc.) and it is not possible to get keys to student apartments either.


Transportation to Kokkola

Take the train to Kokkola from Helsinki or Tikkurila (nearer to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and there is a train connection between the airport and Tikkurila station). The trains head up north (Oulu, Rovaniemi). Get off at Kokkola station. The trip lasts approx. 5 hours.

It is also possible to get to Kokkola by plane from Helsinki to Kokkola-Pietarsaari airport. The flight lasts about an hour. A bus links the airport and Kokkola.


Accommodation in Kokkola

Students have to reserve a room from student residence themselves. The apartments have single rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Please remember that the security deposit must be paid before signing the rental agreement. The deposit must be paid in an international bank. IBAN = International Bank Account Number. Use the following information when paying the deposit:

  • IBAN (= International Bank Account Number): FI15 5162 0010 0060 08
  • BIC (=Bank IdentificationCode):  OKOYFIHH


Please book the room at the address www.tankkari.fi. You should also notice that the security deposit might correspond even 6 months’ rent and it must be paid in advance. Read extra carefully information concerning living in the student residence.


Transportation to Pietarsaari

The nearest airport is Kokkola-Pietarsaari airport (KOK), travel time to Pietarsaari centre is approx. 30 min.

For flight connections, check: www.finnair.fi (flights from Helsinki) or www.nextjet.fi (flight from Stockholm).

From KOK there is a shuttle taxi service (preferably pre-bookings) that connects the airport with Pietarsaaari, see more at http://www.citytaxijeppis.fi/en.

The nearest train station is Pännäinen (Bennäs) train station,  approx. 15 min travel time to Pietarsaari centre. From Pännäinen there is a shuttle bus service to Pietarsaari centre. Timetable available via http://www.ekmanbus.fi/sv/tidtabeller.

For train connections, see www.vr.fi.


Accommodation in Pietarsaari

For information and reservation of student accommodation in Pietarsaari, please contact Realia housing agency via email: robin.nyman@realia.fi

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