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Accommodation in Kokkola

Centria Housing deals with student accommodation in Kokkola (also known as Tankkari). Centria Housing offers various types of habitation options, ranging from furnished shared apartments to single apartments and family apartments. 

Family apartments are intended to house people belonging to the same household. Couples and single students may apply for single apartments. The age limit is 18.  

Students have to reserve their accommodation from the student residence themselves. Please remember that the security deposit must be paid before signing the rental agreement. The deposit must be paid in an international bank. IBAN = International Bank Account Number. Use the following information when paying the deposit:

  • IBAN (= International Bank Account Number): FI15 5162 0010 0060 08
  • BIC (=Bank IdentificationCode):  OKOYFIHH

You should also notice that the security deposit might correspond to even 6 months’ rent and it must be paid in advance. Read extra carefully information concerning living in the student residence.

The shared apartments are always furnished. The following furniture is included: a desk, a desk chair, a bed  - in most locations the bed is just a frame without a mattress, meaning the inhabitant must buy an 80*200cm mattress. There are no dishes or bed linen. The rent includes all electricity, water and heating fees. Notice! The rent for Tankkari 1 apartments does not cover electricity and water usage, meaning inhabitants will be billed separately according to their own consumption. The use of sauna is free in all Tankkari locations.

There are laundries located in all Tankkari locations. Users pay for their laundry through their mobile phones (does not work will all prepaid subscriptions). There are parking spaces available with plugs for car heating, they cost 3 € / month. Please apply for a parking space from the Centria Housing office.

Each inhabitant must set up their own internet subscription, all apartments have the technical requirements and are connected to the cable network. Each shared has its own TV- plug.

»Centria Housing contact information & opening hours


Maintenance and repairs, accounting and facility management

Kokkolan Talohoito Oy (Mäntynäädänkatu 6, Kokkola) deals with the aforementioned issues.

tel. 040 181 7400;  info@talohoito.fi, invoicing@tankkari.fi.


Accommodation in Pietarsaari

For information and reservation of student accommodation in Pietarsaari, please contact Fastighets Ab Ebba Kiinteistö Oy housing agency via email: info@ebbafastigheter.fi

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