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Tutoring at Centria University of Applied Sciences

Tutoring is a significant part of Centria’s counselling and guidance system, and it consists of teacher tutoring and student tutoring activities. The purpose of tutoring is to clarify practical study issues as well as enhance your abilities to complete your studies in scheduled time.

Teacher tutoring

When you begin your studies, you will get comprehensive support from your own study group’s tutor teacher with issues related to your studies and your personal study plan. The teacher tutor provides both individual and group guidance activities regularly during your entire study path. In connection with the individual guidance activities, you can discuss the matters related to your current situation, progress of studies and personal study plan (PSP) with the teacher tutor and thus, gain deep insight into your own professional development and level of expertise. Group guidance activities, in turn, gives you a chance to talk about general issues related to your studies within your study group and be informed of topical matters.

Student tutoring

Student tutoring is an important part of Centria’s guidance system. Student tutors are peer learners who will help you to start the studies as smoothly as possible. Their task is to provide comprehensive peer support to all students and they can be contacted in all kinds of matters, you can ask them anything! The student tutors support you in the orientation of studies and student-life, encourage and motivate you throughout the study path, enhance positive study atmosphere in your study group as well as support you to achieve the study goals.

There a lot of benefits for the student tutors themselves, too. Student tutoring supports the development of coordination skills and team work abilities. In addition, it strengthens the social and presentation skills and makes it possible to make new friends.  

If you would like to be a student tutor during your studies, you can apply for the task through the Centria's student union COPSA. The application period is usually in the beginning of the year and information about application periods is sent by e-mail. You can apply with an electronic application form. After the application period has ended, all applicants are asked to participate in an interview. Chosen applicants must take part in tutor training arranged later on by COPSA.

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