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Study psychology services at Centria University of Applied Sciences

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Your primary guidance comes from your teachers. The study psychologist helps with study-related concerns that have not been resolved in other counselling.

For direct health issues, diagnosis and/or medication you can consult your doctor or visit a common health nurse to guide you further.

If you wish to explore your situation and adaptation in a counselling session, you can book an appointment with the study psychologist.

Issues to contact study psychologist with:

  • Study delays, concentration
  • Motivational issues
  • Study-related self-confidence
  • Coping with stress and tension
  • Time-management and organizing
  • Learning disabilities
  • Exam or thesis anxiety
  • Adaptation difficulties
  • Occupational identity and future plans

The duration of a meeting is usually 45 to 60 minutes. All consultations are confidential.

Our goal is to clarify the overall life situation, to develop studying skills, to increase your self-efficacy and to discover new thinking patterns.

If you have long-term issues with mental health that require health care, rehabilitation or a treatment plan you should consult the common health nurse or doctor. Visiting study psychologist does not replace treatment or therapy but can be an additional support.


✆ Call or SMS: 040 808 5120
@ E-mail: opintopsykologi@centria.fi

Visiting address

Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius (scheduled appointments only)

See also: https://centriaamk.padlet.org/tiia_lumilaakso/wellbeing

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