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Student pastor aka university chaplain

Centria has a student pastor, Reetta Mourujärvi. She is an Evangelic Lutheran reverend in Kokkola Parish.  

She is available for all the students and the faculty regardless of anybody’s religion or denomination - or any other feature. You are safe to come as you are.

Contacting her is confidential and free of charge.

You can contact her for example, when

  • you wish to talk to someone about anything going on in your life. No topic is too small or too big or forbidden.
  • you are interested in talking or learning more about a philosophical or theological topic.
  • you need more information about church ceremonies (such as marriage, blessing of a marriage, prayer for the spouses, blessing of home or baptism).
  • you wish to have confirmation training (rippikoulu).
  • you’d like to organize a student gathering and need help with that.
  • you are interested in meeting other students in casual atmosphere – welcome to join me in Student evenings at Backstage.
  • something else – you name it! J


Reetta doesn’t have a permanent office in the campus.

You can contact her by email: reetta.mourujarvi@evl.fi or by WhatsApp: +358503147260.

You can also find her in Facebook or Instagram under Pappi Reetta


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