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Special education teacher

Special education teacher supports and helps students if they face difficulties with learning and their studies. She tests and maps different learning difficulties and takes part in planning and organising support measures and accessibility.

Special education teacher offers easily accessible support with assignments, studies and study skills in open workshops and small groups. You can also book a personal meeting with her either in person or remotely via Teams.


When should I contact special education teacher?

You can contact special education teacher if

  • you have received support with your studies before or you feel like you would have needed it. Let's make sure that you get the support you need.
  • your studies are not going well: You have assignments piling up, it is difficult to start an assignment or you fail many courses, Let's find out together what could help you - there are workshops, study groups and personal support available.
  • you suspect a learning disability. Special education teacher does reading and mathematical testing and will guide you forward if needed.
  • you are not sure who else to contact. Let's figure out together, which party could help you the best.


Contact information

Päivi Ruohoniemi
Tel. 050 535 96 90
Talonpojankatu Campus in Kokkola: Student office or room 148 (beginning of the week)

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