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Student counselling and guidance at Centria University of Applied Sciences

Student counselling is offered to all students at Centria. Centria UAS offers continuous guidance to the student all the way from admission through education to graduation and employment. The purpose of comprehensive guidance is to ensure smooth study, competence development and professional growth. Guidance in Centria is proactive, systematic, comprehensive and intentional; it supports you in being self-regulated, responsible, high-skilled learner with strong abilities to move forward to future’s working-life and career.

Study counselling is pedagogical support during the whole study path at Centria, with the aim to support the progress of your studies and help you graduate within the set time. Central in the counselling, is to help you familiarize with the working methods at Centria, support you to stay active and motivated, as well as support in individual choices related to the studies and well-being. 

The implementation of guidance and counselling is the responsibility of the entire Centria staff. The teachers guide you systematically through the study path and different courses. The study counsellors, in turn, support you in planning of studies, for example, if you need help in finding suitable courses, keeping up with the set study schedule or speeding up your studies. You can also contact the study counsellors if you have challenges with the course load or with sudden imbalance in studies or life. In addition, the study counsellors offer special support for students who are delayed in their studies or under threat of abandoning the studies.

You can contact the student counsellors directly by e-mail: studentcounsellor@centria.fi


The picture of student counsellors of Centria UAS.

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