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Study guide of Centria University of Applied Sciences

The study guide includes curricula of all degree programmes of Centria University of Applied Sciences. Each curriculum is approved and ratified by the rector of Centria University of Applied Sciences and the curricula guide how the teaching and studying are carried out in each degree programme.

The curricula are grouped in the study guide on the basis of the starting year. For example, all the curricula for studies starting in the autumn of 2020 are grouped under the academic year 2020-2021. The contents of the curriculum may vary even within the degree programme depending on the mode of studies and/or the time when the studies begin. The curriculum shows how different courses are scheduled for different academic years during one’s studies.

The student’s personal study plan is based on the curriculum of the degree programme in question.

The study guides of Centria University of Applied Sciences are available at: https://centria.opinto-opas.fi/home


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