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Personal Study Plan discussion

When a student begins the studies, the student is part of the group of students in his or her field of study (e.g. NITS20K). The student group has its own tutor teacher who holds regular tutor classes for the group during the first year, in matters related to studies and work placement (Orientation to studies). The tutor teacher guides and supports the students during his / her studies so that the studies proceed in a determined manner in accordance with the student's PSP.

An important part of the progress of studies is the PSP-discussion between the student and the tutor teacher. In the discussion, the student and the tutor teacher will talk about the student’s personal study plan, e.g. studying, possible challenges, career plans. The PSP discussion takes place during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of studies. The first PSP discussion is held with the tutor teacher during the first semester and is based on the PSP 1 form. The student should prepare for the PSP-discussions by filling out the PSP1-3 forms in advance. The first PSP form is filled out during I as a UAS student course.


The topics of the first PSP discussion are

  • previous studies and work experience (educational background, possible work experience or studies that could be recognized as prior learning (RPL1 and RPL2), exchange study plans)
  • learning and study (strengths and potential challenges in learning)
  • student's interests and goals (career plans, development targets, wishes during the studies)


The topics of the second PSP discussion are

  • learning and studying (progress of studies, learning goals, feelings about the studies)
  • career planning (what skills are needed in the field you are planning to enter, how do you achieve the required skills?)
  • guidance
  • thesis (topics of interest, timing)


The topics of the third PSP discussion are

  • studying (What have you learned? Does your learning go alongside with your expectations?)
  • your future plans and working life (How has studying prepared you for working life?)
  • your graduation plan


The PSP covers the entire study period and also includes career planning. As studies progress and student life situations change (e.g., exchange study, military service, maternity or sick leave), the personal study plan is updated to reflect the current situation.

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