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Personal study plan (PSP)

Studies at Centria are based on the study modules of the student's degree programme. Each student has a personal study plan (PSP) that the student makes at the beginning of their studies. With the help of the personal study plan, the student plans and implements the studies, as well as monitors the progress of the studies. The personal study plan is made based on the Degree programme’s Curriculum in the Peppi system. The preparation and updating of the PSP is the responsibility of the student, for which the student can get guidance from the teacher tutor or student counsellor.

Each degree programme consists of compulsory and optional studies, work placement and a thesis. The student gets acquainted with the study modules of the degree programme and its special features during the first year, especially during the Orientation to Studies course and I as a UAS student course. When preparing the PSP, the student becomes acquainted with the content of the study programme and takes into account his/her individual development needs, strengths and career aspirations in the planning and selection of studies.

The PSP includes mostly compulsory courses during the first year. As the studies progress, the student can choose between different professional study modules as well as optional studies, depending on the study programme. The student also considers and plans suitable places for doing a work placement and, as the studies progress, the topic of the thesis. If the student is working alongside the studies, it is worth bringing the matter to the attention of the tutor teacher at the beginning of the studies and in the PSP discussion. Work experience can be utilized e.g. as work placement credits or the work environment can be utilized as another place for learning. Be sure to update your own situation with your tutor teacher as your situation changes.


Students smiling and doing a group work.

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