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Optional studies at Centria University of Applied Sciences

The curriculum of each degree programme includes also optional studies. Depending on the degree programme, students need to have 3-15 ECTS of optional studies in their degree. Students can freely choose the courses they want to include. Optional studies can include any higher education studies, provided either by some university or university of applied sciences. Also, if a student has studied before in a university or in a university of applied sciences, the courses he/she has completed there can be included in the optional studies in Centria.

Students can take optional courses through Averko and Campusonline and they can also take courses from the curriculum of some other degree programme of Centria.

Open Café card

To promote networking and students’ wellbeing and to foster interest in current issues and research, students are encouraged to attend public events and seminars. Any event or seminar with a duration equivalent to two classes can be included in the Open Café card: it can be a seminar, a recruitment event, a special lecture (that is not part of one’s normal studies), a concert etc. The event or seminar can be organized by Centria University of Applied Sciences or some other party.

After attending such an event, students ask for a person responsible for that event to add a note on the student’s Open Café card to confirm his/her attendance. When the student has the Open Café card full (= 12 attendances), he/she can get 1 ECT included in the optional studies. When the Open Café card is full, students need to take it to the student counsellor or to their tutor teacher who will then ask the student affairs office to add 1 ECT in the register.

Open Café cards are available in Kokkola in the brochure racks outside the student counsellors’ room as well as in the student affairs office. In Ylivieska and Pietarsaari campuses students can ask the cards from student counsellors and student advisors but cards are also available in the brochure racks located in the hall.


Students of Centria UAS talking and smiling in the corridors of Centria.

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