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CampusOnline studies

CampusOnline.fi is a joint portal of universities of applied sciences. It features the online studies provision of the universities of applied sciences.

From the provision, you can select the suitable courses. Remember to make sure that the course is acceptable for your degree.

The courses are free of charge for degree students and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. The other open UAS students pay a fee determined by the Open UAS to the university of applied sciences that offers the course in question.

The portal contains basic information of the courses. Each course has a link to the website of the UAS in question, where you can find more specific information on the implementation and enrol on the course.

After having completed the course, you should use the Puro-service to retrieve your credits and transfer credits to your home organisation.

NB! Centria UAS student: Please enrol on Centria’s own online courses in Peppi.

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