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Averko - online studies

The degree students and path students of Centria UAS have possibility to study Averko's onlinen courses. Averko has been a fixed part of Centria UAS already more than twenty years and it has been known both nationally and internationally as a high-quality producer, developer and researcher of the network teaching.

Averko produces and executes the common online studies of Centria UAS three times in a year. The online studies are more flexible than regular studies offered in classrooms. The virtual classroom is available 24/7 and student can easily access it from anywhere in the world when there is a functional internet connection. The beginning day and duration of studies have been defined,but in many study modules the student is able to get through his studies also faster, if desired.

Before the enrolment to the courses start, Averko always informs students in Centria's channels (e-mail, Tuudo etc.). The degree students and path students always enrol to the studies via Peppi. The courses are offered to other students from other Finnish UAS'  as well so keep in mind that the groups become full really fast. Therefore it is worthwhile to enrol immediately to the study modules of your choice when the registration begins.

Centria's students will receive instructions and information about login about a week before the beginning of studies to his/her e-mail. To others the e-mail will be sent 1-2 days before the date of commencement. Centria students must login to the learning environment with their own school credentials. In the forst day of the course, the students will receive e-mail about more information of the course from their tutor teacher.  After this the studying moves to the learning environment where all the communication takes place. The grade of the study module can be read in a Peppi system a month after the termination of studies.

There are more than 70 study modules in all the education fields at Averko's selection. There are 25 study modules of studies tauhgt in English. Averko will make the studying possible also during the summer.

Read more about Averko and do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail averko@centria.fi if you have any further questions.

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