Accessibility grant

The accessibility grant’s purpose is to facilitate participation of people with special needs in the Erasmus+ and HOPE study exchange programs. The accessibility grant is aimed for students who need additional funding in order to go on exchange due to their physical or psychological health.

Additional funding can be awarded when:

  • the person going on an exchange has a disability, illness etc. that will result in considerable extra costs during the exchange, and
  • the extra costs cannot be covered by any other funding sources.

Accessibility grants can be awarded to students taking part in a mobility period, or attending an intensive course or a network meeting.

If you are eligible for the accessibility grant, please be in contact with your international coordinator well in advance. Sufficient time (at least 6 months) should be allowed for practical arrangements, related to e.g. accommodation or studies together with the receiving institution.

You may find more information about the Accessibility grant here in Finnish and here in English.

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