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Final thesis and maturity test

In the final thesis, the student has to incorporate different areas of the studies on the thesis. The student is also required to take a written maturity test in the field of his/her thesis. The scope of the thesis is 15 credits in the Bachelor's degree programmes and 30 credits in the Master's degree programmes.

The final thesis indicates a student’s expertise in understanding, applying, and producing professional results in their own field. At its best, the thesis is a bridge between studies and working life. It gives capabilities to further studies.

To be able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, the students of the university of applied sciences must pass a maturity test. The purpose of the maturity test is to demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the field of study. Moreover, the test aims to show that the student is proficient at writing academic texts. Finnish students studying in English degree programmes must follow the instructions given in the guide for the maturity test.

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