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Contents of studies at Centria University of Applied Sciences

The courses included in the studies are based on curricula drawn up for each year. The curricula can be found in the study guides on this site. On the basis of the curriculum, a personal study plan is prepared for each student. The plan includes both compulsory studies included in the curriculum of the degree programme in question as well as studies that students elect from the courses available based on their own interests and objectives. Students can include also online courses of Centria Univesity of Applied Sciences provided by Averko and/or other online studies provided by other universities of applied sciences through Campusonline.fi.

All degree programmes include practical trainings as well as developing one’s international skills and language skills, which all are important parts of students’ professional growth. At the final stage of their studies students will write a thesis and take a maturity test that demonstrates their expertise in the field of study in question as well as their ability to write academic texts.


Students sitting at Talonpojankatu Campus in Kokkola.

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