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Ways of learning in Skills Centria



Skills Centria offers workshops in languages, to support the thesis process, programming, pharmacology as well as math and physics.   

The language and communication workshops (English, Finnish and Swedish) are new. The student receives guidance in a small group and in person according to the student’s needs. The student informs the teacher about his or her own challenge and learning goal in advance by e-mail, so the teacher can guide the student to achieve the goal. Participation in the language and communication workshops is possible both face-to-face or online. The student can attend the workshop regularly or occasionallyIt is also possible for a student to get creditsThe workshop is held every other week. 

The workshops in math and physics are organized to support the first-year studies for students in Technology. The math workshop runs during autumn semester and the physics workshop during spring semester, led by a teacherThe students participate actively in the workshops and do calculations once a week  

The programming workshop is also new and here, the student gets guidance in coding and gets to do it in practice. The student can bring his or her home assignments to the workshop or bring some other challenge that the student is facing in programming. The student gets guidance from a large spectrum in the programming workshop.   

In the thesis process workshop, the student learns how to recognize his or her working habits, strengths and development needsThe student can plan and create timetable for the thesis work, considering both studies and other tasks. The student understand how important motivation is when wanting to progress with the work. Students are able to see the benefit from guidance and peer mentoring. The student leans how to limit his/her research and can look for information from many sources. The student is able to present his/her progress in group meetings and is able reflect about the results to set objectives.

The students who face challenges in medication calculations (pharmacology) can participate in the pharmacology workshop during spring semester 2021. The workshop runs once a week. More information will be displayed later.


Study circle

A led study circle will be created to support second year students of Tuotantotalous (Industrial Management) during spring semester 2021 in a specific course (Rakenteiden mitoitus). Calculations will be made together once a week.


Skills for studying & job seeking and transition to working life

These for all sessions have a wide range of topics including supporting your studies as well as peer groups for finalizing the studies, overall wellbeing, job seeking and career planning. The sessions are usually held in the pink floor area, also with online participation when possible. There will be more sessions included as the year goes by, so please suggest topics! Students can get one entry to their Open Café pass from participation, which leads to opitional study points.


Peer groups

The peer-groups concentrate on a particular topic. During the Academic year 2020-2021, there will be peer groups to students who wants pointers and support in order to bring their studies to an end either in December 2020 or May 2021. The peer groups meet once /month. Sign-up skillscentria@centria.fi.


Skills Centria feature days (Skills Centria feat.)

We will organize ”Skills Centria feat. ” related to different topics, where you get help, ideas and guidance all dayTopics for autumn will be how to utilize previous work experience in your studies (prior recognition of learning and accreditation of learning demonstrated in other ways). Stop by our stand on 15.9.2020 between 10-14. (linkki opinnollistamiseen ja ahotointiin) 

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