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Skills Centria Activities 2020-2021 

You can get study points from the job-seeking skills sessions by using Centria Open Cafe pass. Remember to check the starting times in the Study guide or lukkarikone.


Skills for studying & job seeking  

Strengthen your job-seeking skills -sessions

Tuesday 26.1. at 9:00-11:00, KIP goes Centria - Recruiting active people. Kokkola Industrial Park is organizing a virtual recruiting event for Centria students. The event will be organized in Zoom Join online

Tuesday 26.1. at 15:00-16:00 Accessing the Finnish job market (as an international student). Lukumanu Iiddrisu who studies masters in Strategic Business Development at the University of Vaasa. He communicates to students on how to successfully network with Finnish industry players and how to get a job through a value proposition. Join online

Wednesday 27.1. at 12:00-12:45 CV-workshop Join online

Wednesday 3.2. at 12:00-12:45 Cover Letter Workshop Join online

Thursday 18.2. at 14:45.15:45 Labour Legislation and Employment Contract. Sampo Riikonen from Tradenomiopiskelijat (Students of Business and Technology) Join online

Thursday 4.2. at 14:45-15:45 Career and employment. Sampo Riikonen from Tradenomiopiskelijat (Students of Business and Technology) Join online


Workshops and study modules

Thesis workshop. Online meetings every other Tuesday. The first meeting on 26.1. at 12:00-13:30. Join online

Time Manager (1 ECTS) non-stop course (Fin.Eng.), Tiia Lumilaakso, 1.9.2020-30.4.2021 



Final moves to complete your degree. (Fin.Eng.

Are you about to graduate soon and would need support for the final stage?

Join in the sessions. They are useful for students who want support in order to bring their studies to an end and whose target is to graduate

4.2.   PSP review
11.2. Scheduling
25.2. Last credits
11.3. Opinnollistaminen in Finnish only
25.3. Thesis obstacles
8.4.   Graduating

All the sessions are organized in Zoom at 13:00-14:00. First half an hour in Finnish and the other half in English. Link for the sessions: Join online


Urasampo recorded webinars in English: Urasampo's website

Linkedin job hunting, Tom Laine

Creating an impressive CV, Eva Lindström

Register on Urasampo website. 


SETforWork workshops

Sign up for workshops in January 2021 here: https://bit.ly/3nAdP7y 
All workshops are at 10:00-13:00

18.1. Microwork – Kickstart to career
19.1. Employment Part 1: Change of work
21.1. Employment Part 2: Networking
25.1. Me as a professional
27.1. Awesome team
29.1. Work online and F2F 

More info at https://lnkd.in/dSC7tXN


UOMA project's webinars for immigrants who have higher education degree (in Finnish or  Swedish)

Uoma project takes only 10 participants per each webinar. You can enroll either to one of the webinars or to all of them. Enrollment: Webinars in Finnish or Webinars in Swedish.


Languages and communication 

Language and communication workshops (support in particular challenges) 

Finnish Language and Communication workshop, 2 times every month, 0-2 ECTS (Fin.Eng.), Katriina Veikkolainen. The workshop also supports the written part of your thesis, written in Finnish. Workshop in January: 28.1. at 15:00-16:30. Please be in contact with Katriina in advance by e-mail, where you share about your challenge. Katriina will share the link with you for online participation if needed. 

Swedish Language and Communication workshop, 2 times every month 0-2 ECTS (Fin.Eng.), Jenny Jansson. Workshop in January: 26.1. at 15:00-16:30. Please be in contact with Jenny in advance by e-mail, where you share about your challenge. Jenny will share the link with you for online participation if needed. 

English language and communication workshop, 2 times every month 0-2 ECTS (Fin.Eng.), Karin Kallis. Workshops in February: 2.2. and 16.2. at 15:00-16:30. Please be in contact with Karin in advance by e-mail, where you share about your challenge. Karin will share the link with you for online participation if needed. 

Coaching courses 

Finnish Club, 2 ECTS, Jenny Jansson, 7.1.-14.3.2021. 

Finnish for Fun! Survival Finnish for International Students, 3 ECTS, Jenny Jansson. 7.1.-14.2.2021. 

Puhutsä suomee? Spoken Finnish Course, 3 ECTS, Hertta Erkillä, 25.1.2021-30.4.2021. 

Swedish Club, 2 ECTS, Jenny Jansson, 8.3.-30.4.2021. 

Repetera Svenska (in Finnish) 3 ECTS, AVERKO online studies spring 2021, summer 2021 

Brush Up Your English (in Finnish) 3 ECTS, AVERKO online studies, summer 2021 

Kielenhuolto ja kirjoittaminen 3 ECTS, AVERKO online studies spring 2021, summer 2021



Check Efficiency and Wellbeing -workshop from here
The material can be found here

Tips for student wellbeing: https://centriaamk.padlet.org



Medical calculations workshop / Lääkelaskennan työpaja (support occasionally or irregularly, with a low threshold) spring semester 2021.  

Medical calculations for nurses 1 ECTS, 25.1.2021-18.4.2021 

Repetera svenska, 3 ECTS, NHOSS20K 7.1.2021-28.2.2021 


Studies in the field of Business 

Matematiikan valmentava kurssi (in Finnish2 ECTS, NLIS20K 7.1.2021-11.2.2021 


Studies in the field of Technology 

ICT-mentoring 1-2 ECTS, Farzad Mohebi (Eng.) 30.9.2020-28.5.2021. Meetings in January: 21.1. and 28.1. at 15:00-17:00. Here you get guidance with issues you have with programming. Please check for more information and timetable in the Study guide and lukkarikone. Join online

Workshop in Math (1-2 ECTS) once every week (Fin.Eng.). Please check the timetable in lukkarikone. 

Workshop in Physics (1-2 ECTS) once every week, spring 2021 

Lujuuslaskennan opintopiiri (in Finnish) spring 2021 

Repetera Svenska 3 ECTS, Averko 

Kielenhuolto ja kirjoittaminenmany options 

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