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Skills Centria

Skills Centria is a new function at Centria, designed to support students in their studies, job seeking, and career planning. Skills Centria is low-threshold – also organizing activities related to students’ overall well-being. On this website, you will find information on workshops that support language and communications studies (English, Finnish and Swedish), Math and Physics, Pharmacology, and programming. You can also participate in peer-group sessions, that are intended to help you with studies, thesis process, or finalizing your studies, as well as short sessions focusing on strengthening your job-seeking skills and career path. The activities are open to all students and are organized in both English and Finnish. 
The workshops and sessions are shown by field of study (e.g. Nursing). All students can participate in the language workshops, job-seeking & career planning, wellness sessions as well as small group activities. In general, all events can be attended on-site or remotely online. A preliminary schedule can be found here (link), but check the schedules of workshops in Peppi.

We welcome suggestions for useful activities or study circles skillscentria@centria.fi.

Read more about Ways of learning in Skills Centria and Skills Centria Activities during the academic year 2021-2022.

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