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RDI learning environment of Centria University of Applied Sciences

The research, development and innovation (RDI) activities of Centria UAS are very versatile and at the top in the national scale.

RDI activities create new information, know-how and technologies for the working life of the area. They also offer our students a great learning environment with different projects where teaching and RDI actions are combined.

In the RDI learning environment the student developt his/her own know-how in the projects that are made for real companies. The projects are chose so that they will support the learning path of the student and increase the level of competence.  The aim is that student can adapt the learnt information and deepen his/her know-how in practical projects. The student will learn what is it like to work in a project and how to develop it it.

Students can get study credits from the project work and it is also possible to do work placements in some of the RDI projects.

Centria's RDI priorities

  • Chemistry and bio-economy
  • Productino technology
  • Digitalisation
  • Entrepreneurship and welfare


Students can apply for the RDI learning environment throuhgout the academic year. You can send your informal application and CV to rnd.training@centria.fi.

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