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Centria Jobi

Centria Jobi is a new digital career and recruitment service, which offers an easy and fast job search platform (Tiitus App) for students of Centria University of Applied Sciences.

Centria Jobi service and Tiitus App is available and free of charge for both students and employers to use and create profiles. Students can create a profile in Centria Jobi already in the beginning of studies. The job search platform is available via the mobile application or web browser, in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Students create their own profile in Tiitus App, which they can update during their studies. In their profiles, students add their education and experience and they assess their own skills by adding keywords. They can also add a portfolio and LinkedIn link as well as pictures, and a short introduction video to their profiles. Even after their graduation, students can benefit from their profiles in Tiitus App. Via Centria Jobi students can find jobs, internships, thesis opportunities, projects, events and courses. 

Via Centria Jobi employers can publish jobs directed to students within different fields. The service enables employers to view received applications and to contact potential candidates, easily via the chat function. Likewise also, students can send their profiles to employers for viewing. If student has a good profile, employers can also approach student and propose open job assignment. The service brings together suitable applicants and jobs based on know-how and interests. Already many employers and schools around Finland are using the Tiitus App job search platform.

Download Tiitus App free of charge (available via Google Play and Appstore). Choose the region (Centria University of Applied Sciences) and set up your profile in Centria Jobi. You can also use Centria Jobi via web browser: https://www.tiitus.fi/centria-jobi/

(For iPhone users, to be able to download Tiitus App, make sure you have chosen Finland as your country in settings.) 


Check out the homepage of Tiitus App https://www.tiitus.fi/?lang=en and the Youtube channel for Tiitus App: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXSx-HrXvJBAXt-k78LTRdQ (in Finnish)

Detailed instructions and questions + answers: https://www.tiitus.fi/wiki/

Technical Support: support@tiitus.fi

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