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Career guidance during the third and fourth year

In the third year, the final PSP-discussion will take place with the objective of preparing the student for working life. The discussion elaborates on the student's career opportunities and how the student can utilize and articulate his or her skills in the working life. Students may also participate in the Ura MOOC course (in Finnish), which helps students reflect and recognize the actual development of their skills and competences. 
The student completes the professional work placement latest during the third study year. The objective of the work placement is to be able to apply gained theoretical knowledge in practical work tasks in one’s own field. We give a strong recommendation to look at the work community also in terms of possible thesis topics and to consider the possibilities of linking the thesis to the development needs of the employer. 
In social work and nursing, the final semester includes advanced professional studies, which include a work placement in addition to theoretical studies. The student chooses a workplace where he or she can achieve the goals set for the advanced course. The students often find work opportunities after graduation from the place where they completed the final work placement. The third-year work placements are done by nursing students in acute care, childcare and psychiatric care.

Students are encouraged to find a mentor from working life, with whom the student can reflect on professional development, can clarify career opportunities and receive support in work and studies. Various courses or events on mentoring are organized throughout the year.

It is recommended to connect the thesis work to the work placement. Skills Centria (link) offers additional support to the thesis process. The student has also the opportunity to receive guidance for the final stage of the studies from a peer-group or one-on-one with a working life coach. The working life coach and the student prepares a graduation plan with set goals, in accordance with the student’s personal graduation plan. The student and the work life coach agree together on the type of guidance and monitoring of the process. Sign up for a peer-group at skillscentria@centria.fi.

For more information on the final stage coaching, contact your working life coach hanna.lahnalampi@centria.fi.

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