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Career guidance during the second year

During the second year, the student focuses on professional studies. In the second year's PSP-discussion, the key topics are the progress of the studies and a deeper peak and comprehension of the study field. In addition, the student gets acquainted with and completes the professional work placement in the student’s own field. The PSP-discussion covers the student's interests and career aspirations, as well as possible challenges to which the student is encouraged to find suitable solutions.

Students are encouraged to network actively with working life. Centria organizes several events during the academic year, that provide an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of working life. Early networking helps students gain a broad view of job opportunities in their field, facilitates access to a work placement in the desired company/work place, and provides ideas for the final thesis.

We recommend the Ura MOOC course (in Finnish) for second- or third-year students, in which the student prepares his / her own CV and plans and makes a video showing his or her own competence. The course identifies the different stages and current state of career development, and connects it to the theoretical frame of reference in the field. In the course, the student plans and builds his / her career path constructively.

The second work placement, professional work placement (10 ECTS) is recommended to be completed in the summer of the second year. The goals of the work placement are specified with the internship supervisor. Multi-modal students specify the objectives of the work placement and how to complete it with the teacher tutor.

Professional tasks in the field, which also include leadership, design, research and / or product development tasks, are suitable as professional work placement for business and technology students. The work placement can also be completed abroad (linkki Study abroad puolelle, Erasmus work placement) or in one's own company, when the work tasks are diverse and challenging. Work placement abroad entitles the student to receive either Erasmus+, Overseas or Nordlink (nursing) grants.

In the second year of study, nursing students become familiar with the care of patients and clients in internal medicine, surgery, and home care.

If a student works in addition to the studies, he or she can utilize the work experience in the studies, as accreditation of learning demonstrated in some other manner. The student can complete various projects in Centria's RDI learning environment. Projects are available throughout the year. Our RDI Managers can give you more information about the possibilities.

Various sessions on job seeking or articulation of one’s skills and competence are organized at Skills Centria. Visit Skills Centria page to find out more about the sessions and timetables.

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