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Career planning and career guidance at Centria University of Applied Sciences

At Centria, the aim is to support the development of the student's general and professional working life skills, in order to meet the demands of today's working life. Important elements in career guidance include the development of professional competence, participation in professional events in the student’s study field, getting to know the local employment- & business life and supporting the construction of the student’s career path. The development of employability skills is included in study modules as well as in workshops or sessions at Skills Centria (link to Skills Centria). Employability and job seeking events are held year-round and students are encouraged to take part. Courses supporting employment and business co-operation are offered in a variety of ways, such as Buustingpaja, project studies and thesis workshop. Information sessions about study opportunities after Bachelor studies are organized occasionally, especially during the application periods for postgraduate studies.

Career guidance is incorporated into studies and is supported and strengthened from the first academic year. Work-based projects, RDI learning environment, doing a work placement and thesis workshops help students find their own career path. Students are encouraged to make a portfolio of their skills that they can develop and grow during their studies. The objective is that the student learns to analyze his/her own work ability and skills, learns to see the development and can articulate about his/her competence and skills.

Career guidance during 1st year
Career guidance during 2nd year
Career guidance during 3rd and 4th year


Personal Study Plan as a tool for career planning

With the help of the personal study plan (PSP), the student plans his/her studies and monitors the progress of the studies. PSP is also a tool for career planning. The student makes his/her own PSP and the PSP guides the student along the studies. When preparing the PSP, the student becomes familiar with the curriculum and courses of the degree program. The student can also consider his/her individual interests, strengths and career aspirations in the planning and selection of studies (e.g. elective studies, thesis topic, work placement, choice of professional courses)

The personal study plan, PSP-discussions, with the tutor teacher is an important part of the student’s career planning and guidance. The PSP-discussions takes place during the first, second and third year and covers the entire study period. As the studies progress and the student’s life situation may change (e.g. international exchange, military service, maternity or sick leave), the personal study plan is updated to reflect the prevailing situation.

If the student is working alongside the studies, please bring this up to the tutor teacher at the beginning of the studies and in the PSP-discussion. The work experience can be utilized e.g. in work placement, can be recognized as prior learning or can be accredited as learning demonstrated in some other manner. Update your own situation with your tutor teacher as your studies progress.

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