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Building your own portfolio

Building your own portfolio is important when you are looking for a job. With the portfolio, you can indicate your own abilities, know-how and experience for the potential employer. You can include samples of your previous work, project works, study material or samples of your hobbies and volunteer work. The portfolio can be used as a supplement of your CV and you can present your know-how with it.

You should start building your portfolio in the beginning of your studies. This way you have a concretely proved how your knowledge and know-how has developed. You should update your portfolio regularly. This helps also yourself to evaluate your progression. You can also present your portfolio on social media for example adding a link from your profile to your portfolio. You can also add the portfolio link to your CV and to your e-mail signature.

You can choose the platform for your portfolio. Here are a few possiblities for you:






Examples of different portfolios can be found here:


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