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Career guidance and professional growth

Career planning is a continuous and changing process, that includes recognition of learning, self-assessment as well as scrutinizing one’s personality. In addition, it involves considering personal values ​​and interests, looking for opportunities and brainstorming alternatives, and evaluating realistic alternatives. Career planning is a process based on self-examinationgetting to know working life as well as post-graduation study opportunities. 

Students professional growth goes hand in hand with career planning. The theoretical knowledge gained from study modules and the practical knowledge gained from doing a work placement guides the student towards working-life.   

For students studying for their first degreeguidance and counseling focus on helping the student to find his/her own areas of interest, learning to acknowledge and articulate own skills and competences, and preparing for and transitioning into working life. For those who change careers, the guidance focuses on finding new opportunities, identifying and strengthening areas for development, and articulating one's own skills.

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