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Global Talent Open Badge

Centria UAS wants to help students find jobs. Many of our students have talent, that employers are looking for, but may sometimes find difficult to recognize. An Open badge is a virtual certificate, that the holder may share in his/her networks that will demonstrate the skills and competences the person has. A badge is always available, and can be found in the badge holders LinkedIn profile and other networks. Virtual certificates are a usefuld way to show your talent and for this reason, Centria UAS has created the Global Talent Open Badge together with Aalto University, Metropolia UAS, Savonia UAS and Turku UAS.

All Universities and UAS can take this Global Talent OB into use, as long as the requirements are the same.

Collaboration with working life

For a virtual certificate to work, it needs to meet the requirements of the working life.

We have worked with the Chamber of Commerce, the working life, students, student and employer associations and the Ministry of Education in order to create something useful for both students and employers. We have listened to comments, and have created a badge that acknowledge students’ exceptional international skills and competences.The aim of the badge is to help students get employed and for employers to find talent (employees).

Competences and Skills

A student who has been rewarded the Global Talent badge, has gained exceptional global competence during his/her university studies. A period abroad has fostered the student’s persistence, curiosity and courage The student is adaptable, has proven problem-solving skills, and has developed multicultural team-working skills. The student has interest in global issues and has created international networks.

The student has the following competences and skills in these three categories:

  • Language and Communication

Professional level communication skills in English. 

Ability to use English or other foreign language in a professional setting, by completing min. 25 ECTS of Academic course work.

Ability to use other foreign language(s) other than English in everyday life. 

Developed presentation skills, by sharing about own experience to others live, in events or social media.

  • Intercultural Competence

Completion of min 3 ECTS of academic courses in intercultural competence.

Ability to pay attention to key cultural factors to explain what is needed to operate appropiately and efficiently with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Ability to see one own's field of study from a global perspective, by completing min. 5 ECTS of Academic course work.

  • International Experience Abroad

Completion of min. 3-month student exchange or a min. 2-month work placement abroad.

How to get the Global Talent Badge

The Global Talent badge is given to exceptional talents, and it is possible for you to get the badge by choosing courses available at Centria and other Universities both in Finland and abroad, and by spending time abroad.

Students will need to meet the requirements of the badge and share Transcripts and certificates to Centria. You need to have 25 ECTS of courses in English or another foreign language, which means that you will need to take courses in English at Centria preferably already during your first year and onwards. You will also need to take a foreign language or show proof of previous language studies.

An important part of the Global Talent OB is intercultural competence - learning to be appropriate and effective with people from different cultural backgrounds. You need to take min 3 ECTS course of Intercultural competence and also a professional course with a global perspective within you own field. The courses can be taken either at Centria or another University or in your host University.

Study exchange or a work placement abroad will be the most rewarding part of your studies, that's what we hear form the students. You can study one semester at a partner University of Centria or do an internship. You can choose either option, or even do both. You can find more info on study exchagne and work placements in Optima. The Academic and international coordinators are there to guide you.

Students who come to study to Finland, can use the experience in Finland as their experience abrodad.

When you have fulfilled the criteria, you may apply for the Global Talent OB through the application form below.

Link to application form

Please contact Linda Krokfors if you have any questions related to the Global Talent, who is happy to guide you.

Linda Krokfors, linda.krokfors@centria.fi, +358 44 725 0406



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