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NORDTRAD 20-23 April 2021

Dear Nordtrad network members, 

Due to travel and meeting restrictions, we have decided that Nordtrad "Yhesä" 2021 will be held online, using Zoom and other online tools.

The conference will take place 20-23 April, from Tuesday to Friday.

We will send a more detailed schedule soon.
The programme will include many types of interesting, educational and fun activities, all with a Kokkola flavour, even if you can't be here this time. Our theme is still Yhesä - Together. Given the new meeting environment, we want to ask you what you would like to see happening during this unusual Nordtrad!
More details are forthcoming! We look very much forward to seeing you all,
Best wishes,


The Nordtrad "Yhesä" committee

Annika Mylläri, music programme director, annika.myllari@centria.fi, +358 40 6351 040
Riitta Kossi, lecturer, traditional music, riitta.kossi@centria.fi, +358 44 7250 778
Annamari Martinviita, student, annamari.martinviita@centria.fi, +358 45 6792 822



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