Information Technology

Tutkinto: Bachelor of Engineering
Opintomuoto: Full-time studies
Opintojen laajuus:4 years, 240 credits
Kampus: Talonpojankatu 2, Kokkola
Aloituspaikat: 15
Haku alkaa: 9.1.2018
Haku päättyy: 31.1.2018


The IT field offers countless opportunities to young creative people, who master the foundations and technologies used to build new applications and systems. Software and communication methods are changing the way individuals and organizations do their daily activities. In all areas of life there is space for new innovations that help people to do things in a better way by using IT technologies - our world can become more user-friendly, more economical, and more productive and reduce energy consumption.

The degree programme in Information Technology provides you with a wide knowledge in software engineering and communications. You will be able to acquire the skills required in building new applications and systems based on customer needs. In addition to regular courses we offer advanced students real world projects where they can challenge themselves.

IT Engineering studies consists of more or less constant basic studies and rapidly evolving new technologies. You need both to solve real world problems with software and IT systems. Engineers’ work is very practically oriented. All professional studies contain a lot of learning by doing. For advanced students we offer an opportunity to take part in our R & D projects during their studies.

Our main specializations are software engineering and communication technologies. These are the fastest growing areas of IT. You get skills to build applications using different programming languages and platforms. You also learn how to use existing services to build solutions to meet customer needs or even invent your own new services by combining existing ones.

 Due to the fast growth rate of IT industry the demand for new skilled professionals is high. Young professionals are valued, due to their learning skills and flexibility. In many projects, there are often technologies that are new even to experienced professionals, so precisely your learning skills are an essential asset. When solving customers’ needs, your communication and analysis skills are needed to be sure

Occupational titles

Software designer, Project manager, R&D Engineer, IT Manager, Security expert, Network Systems Administrator, Network specialist, CEO of your start-up company

Co-operation with working life

Kosila Digimedia, Oy Raisoft Ltd, SK Protect Oy, Boliden Kokkola Oy, Alfame Systems, Maintpartner, Apex Automation, Sasken Finland, Kemira GrowHow Oy, Hur Oy, Livion Oy, Elisa Oyj

Postgraduate studies

In Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius it’s possible to study in Master’s Programme in Information Technology (in Finnish) and it’s flexible to apply directly from Centria UAS’ degree programme in Information Technology. A personal study plan will be made for every student according to previous study performance and degree.


More information coming during autumn 2017.

Student stories - Information Technology


All set towards my dream job!

I came to Finland because I was playing professional ice hockey and my career led me to Kokkola. Along with doing sports I was offered a job where I worked at for a one year before realizing that I wanted to use the opportunity of Finland’s free education system and there happened to be a university of applied sciences at Kokkola. I had a gap year after finishing high school, so I had a lot to prepare when applying to the university. Luckily the application process went well and I completed my entrance exams, and I got accepted at Centria.

Kokkola is a great town for students. It is a small city where all the places that students need are located close by and there is a great local community which will help if necessary.

Everyone has a dream job, and that’s also my case. I would really like to continue living in Finland, work in some Finnish IT company, perform well and advance in my career in the field of Information Technology.
 I know that in the future people will rely more and more on technology.

Centria offers studies in the field of Information Technology, which concentrate a lot on practical knowledge. Teachers with huge experience in IT are offering great and interactive teaching, which is really necessary because IT is such a technical field that hands-on experience is useful.

Nauris Enkuzens


More information about studies:
Principal Lecturer Sakari Männistö,,
tel. +358 44 725 0323

More information about application:
Admissions Office, tel. +358 40 8086604,


How to apply?

When the application period is open you can apply at

You can find all Centria's programmes that are open for application by using "Centria" as a search word and by limiting the search results to "Application period ongoing". By filtering by language you can also view the degree programmes that are conducted in Finnish.

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