Industrial Management

Tutkinto: Bachelor of Engineering
Opintomuoto: Full-time studies
Opintojen laajuus:4 years, 240 credits
Kampus: Vierimaantie 7, Ylivieska
Aloituspaikat: 30
This programme is currently running at Centria UAS - No intake in 2017 (more information coming during the spring 2017)

Students within the degree programme in Industrial Management can choose to specialize in one of our management profiles, either Supply Chain Management or Global Marketing and Management.

We coach highly qualified experts for international companies or general managers for small and start-up companies. We train graduates that fit the requirements of the industrial working life. There you will acquire engineering and human resource management skills, as well as knowledge in safety, economics and law, whilst working in an international environment, anywhere worldwide.

The basic studies will provide you with a base for engineering skills. The professional studies familiarize students with the development of different tasks within an international industrial company.

The studies help you develop and acquire leadership skills as well as knowledge in strategic resource management, advanced quality planning systems, research & development, innovation management, marketing, accounting and international logistics. Part of your studies will be organized in collaboration with Centria Research and Development, using laboratories, working on projects and international exhibition projects, thus creating as an authentic learning environment.

Occupational titles

Project Manager, Purchasing manager, Marketing manager, Sales manager, Accounting manager, Production manager, Supply chain manager, Business controller

Co-operation with companies

Accuser Oy, Alutec Oy, Camtronic Oy, ET-listat Oy, Ferral Components Oy, Junnikkalan Saha Oy, Kati Oy, Kivioja Engineering Oy, Maler Oy, Mecanova Oy, Nordic Aluminium Oy, Ojala Group, Premec Oy, Raita-Sport Oy, RD Welho Oy, Scanfil Oyj, Sievin Jalkine Oy, Sievi Tools Oy, Siipotec Oy, Solarkaihdin Oy, Stonel Oy, Tiivi Oy

Tuition fees

At the moment there are no tuition fees for degree programmes in Finland. However, we would like to inform the applicants that there is nationwide discussion going on about the tuition fees for students outside European economic area (EAA). The law about tuition fees is under preparation.

Although education in Finland is tuition-free  students must provide for their own living costs, travel expenses and other costs during their studies. The cost of living in Finland is on average comparable to the rest of Europe. Basically, for expenses such as rent, food and personal costs, you will need approximately 560 Euros per month, that is 12 x 560 = 6 720 Euros for one year. Centria UAS does not provide any financial help for students.

Each university of applied sciences determines which of the following selection methods are to be used for each programme choice. All applicants are included in the selection methods used in their chosen field, but each applicant can only be selected on the basis of one selection method. Selection methods that Centria UAS use can be found here.

The maximum admission score is as follows:


Entrance examination              40/70/100 points

SELECTION METHOD 2: SCHOOL PERFORMANCE AND ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (only available to those applying with a matriculation examination certificate)


School performance                            30 points (matriculation examination grades)

Entrance examination                          70 points

Total                                                100 points


School performance                            60 points (matriculation examination grades)

Entrance examination                          40 points

Total                                                100 points


Entrance examination                          70 points

Work experience                                 30 points

Total                                                100 points

Admission is conditional until the university of applied sciences has checked school and employment certificates. The university of applied sciences may cancel admission if an applicant fails to submit certificates by the specified deadline, or if an applicant has provided false information.


Conversion formula for EB, IB and Reifeprüfung Diplomas

Applicants who have completed an International Baccalaureate (IB), a European Baccalaureate (EB) or a Reifeprüfung (RP) Diploma will convert their diploma grades according to the following conversion table:

EB Diploma

IB Diploma

Reifeprüfung Diploma

Finnish matriculation examination




Other subject-specific test







7 (Excellent)

13–15 points

Laudatur (L)




6 (Very good)

12–10 points

Eximia cum laude approbatur (E)




5 (Good)

8–9 points

Magna cum laude approbatur (M)




4 (Satisfactory)

7 points

Cum laude approbatur (C)




3 (Mediocre)

5–6 points

Lubenter approbatur (B)




2 (Poor)

4 points

Approbatur (A)

Entrance examination for all the eligible applicants on April 21st 2016. Student selection either based on entrance examination or entrance examination and school performance.


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Student stories - Industrial Management


Ylivieska is my second home

As a senior student I appreciate that Centria has given me a lot of chances to achieve my goal and make my dreams come true. I had an opportunity to go onto several projects around European countries. In 2014 I went to The United States for my exchange to Lock Haven University. Thanks to a variety of international links it was possible to visit other countries and make friends all over the world. Additionally for a year I was a student tutor. I could get close to new students, improve my social skills and help them to find their own place there where I used to be a stranger as well.

International experience is not the only advantage Centria offers to students. The local facilities are student friendly. Cozy classrooms, well equipped laboratories, student restaurant, photo studio, experienced and helpful teachers and staff are just examples.

Probably everyone who chooses a field of studies wonders what they can do after graduation. Industrial Management gives not only a chance in the field of engineering but also prepares for work related to supply chain and global marketing management. The interdisciplinary character of the studies allows a student to focus on the direction targeted into their dream career patch. Additionally graduates have a basis to set up their own business and become an entrepreneur.

I do not know exactly when was the moment I started liking the city of Ylivieska, where the studies take place, however today I feel it is my second home. Summer time is for sure the most beautiful season here. Blooming flowers, sunshine and the cooling weather. Other seasons are so different, it is mesmerizing. Also my student life here is very colorful. Local people are very friendly. I still remember when I was a freshman, lost in the new environment, and they never hesitated to help me. I have discovered that living here is not difficult at all.

I was asked to write down my own story as a student of Centria. It is up to you if you start your own wonderful Ylivieska fairy tale!

Xiaohon Zhou


A great experience

I am a 22 years old, final year student of Centria UAS from Poland. I currently study and live in Ylivieska and I like the fact that it is a peaceful and safe place. Since the city is not too big, the distances are short and the atmosphere is friendly. Not only at school but also in everyday life people are treated individually.

Coming to study in Finland was a challenge for me in the beginning but it turned out to be a great experience. When I heard about Industrial Management for the first time, I was very interested in the possibility of studying in English and many exchange opportunities. I was not sure if this particular degree program would suit my non-technical background but the practical knowledge which I obtained during my studies changed my mind.

I’ve always wanted to learn languages and it was possible to accomplish by participating in courses organized in Ylivieska, both at the university and other local institutions, during my practical training in Spain and student exchange in Brazil.

I’m specializing in Global Marketing and Management. I’m sure that together with technical knowledge needed in different branches of industry, I was taught useful things which can help me to succeed in this field.

Moreover, everyday interaction with foreigners from all around the world and local Finns helped me to understand versatile cultures and behavior that I can meet later in business life. In the future I would like to work in international relations or establish my own business.

Maria Kardasz



More information about studies: 

Principal Lecturer Ossi Päiväläinen
tel. +358 44 449 2567


More information about admission:

Admissions Office, tel. +358 40 808 6604,


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