Business Management

Tutkinto: Bachelor of Business Administration
Opintomuoto: Full-time studies
Opintojen laajuus:3,5 years, 210 credits
Kampus: Talonpojankatu 2, Kokkola
Aloituspaikat: 25
Haku alkaa: 9.1.2018
Haku päättyy: 31.1.2018

Centria’s BBA degree provides skills and expertise in a large body of business fields and the programme is focused on two main themes; entrepreneurship and internationalisation. Students are able to start, manage and maintain their own firms or develop their professions further in any local or international company, either in Finland or abroad. Students gain the abilities to work in sales, marketing, accounting, management based occupations. They are capable of adapting and managing changes in the working life environments.

The BBA studies start at Centria by laying a firm foundation on the basics of business – business planning, marketing, accounting, economics, management, intercultural competences and of course languages. You will gain skills in the main areas of business. During the 2nd semester of your second year, you are set to study exchange period in a university abroad. You can choose from over 20 business universities around the world and apply for the best ones that suit you best. Or, if you want to take it further, you have the possibility to take part in a double-degree programme, at one of our specific university partners either in France, China and Cameroon – in short, you would spend one full academic studying abroad at the university and receive a Business degree from their university in addition to the one you will receive from Centria upon graduation. During your 3rd year, upon your return from your exchange period, you will study professional business courses at Centria, such as CRM, business law, international marketing, ERP, international economics, organizational development and global business studies – just to mention a few. You will end the programme by producing a professional thesis supported by one of our skilled and experienced supervisors. Once the studies are completed, the remaining part is work placement in a real company – either Finnish or abroad, again depending on your own interests and motivation. Remember that you have a full chance to do the work placement also during your studies, for example during periodical breaks – we are flexible. We can even combine several working periods during your studies with your work experience that you gained before your BBA program studies at Centria UAS!

Your future

BBA graduates can apply for practical and managerial positions. They can be hired to occupational titles such as: export & import manager, sales representative, marketing manager, key accountant, office manager, project manager, purchasing manager, CEO, financial manager, human resource manager and entrepreneur.

Co-operation with companies

Halpa-Halli, Minimani, KPO, Citymarket, Boliden Kokkola Oy, Best-Hall Oy, Art-Print, Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino Oyj, Decatour Electronics, Häggblom Oy, Nordea, Manpower, Baltic Yachts, Beneveo, HUR Oy, Central Ostrobothnia Hospital Center, Kokkola Sports Hall, Kärkkäinen, Eila Helen, CB City Kokkola, Kokkola Tourism, Town of Kokkola, KOSEK.

About the area

Around Centria, there are more international companies than in any other area in Finland. For example, the boat industry is globally known for the world-class yachts which are built here. Even Rolls Royce are manufacturing in Kokkola! That in mind, the focus of the BBA program at Centria is entrepreneurship and international business. Throughout the studies students examine the growth of business enterprises from the business concept to a fully operational company in the international market. Centria is located on the west coast of Finland. The campus is situated just a few minutes away from the seaside. The campus is surrounded by beautiful nature, that offers many possibilities for outdoor activities.

Postgraduate studies

Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius offers diverse Bachelor level business studies by Vaasa Open University. It’s possible to apply directly to Vaasa University’s Master’s Program in Business Studies after completing a Bachelor’s degree in a university of applied sciences.

After three years of work experience you can pursue your studies and apply for Centria’s MBA programme.


More information coming during autumn 2017.


Student stories - Business Management


Peaceful studying environment

I really enjoyed the international atmosphere at Centria. Even though I was far away from home, I never felt lonely. The student union COPSA organized different kinds of events
and I met a lot of friends from all over the world. I enjoyed spending time with my Finnish friends, which enabled me to improve my Finnish skills and get in touch with the local culture. Centria also offers exchange possibilities to different universities all over the world, which fosters a very multicultural environment.
The teachers at Centria were very co-operative, they provided me with the knowledge I will need in my future career; thanks to their practical-orientated as well as theory-based teaching methods. The study-material is made easily accessible. The university provided me with a peaceful studying environment and I received good support from all sides – teachers, student tutors…

The most beneficial part of my studies definitely was my work placement at the local store Halpa-Halli. I got more familiar with the Finnish business culture and got to practice customer relations, which is important for my future career. My target has always been to work with managerial tasks and dealing – directly or not – with customers.  

Centria is one of the best study places as it is situated in a really nice location, connected to all the bigger towns, and almost everything you could need is within reach. Kokkola might not be that big of a big city, but it still has a lot to offer! 

Kokkola being a smaller town, it also offers a less expensive alternative yet offering high level education possibilities to students thinking about choosing universities bigger towns.

Umakanta Ghimire


Learning Finnish from friends

My study period in Centria has been a golden opportunity to gain several theoretically and practically based skills which will serve me throughout my life. I have been enjoying each and every moment with all my international friends.
Even though being far from home, I never feel lonely. The co-operation of teachers has made my study period more interesting. During my stay in Finland, I have been able to make a lot of Finnish friends which has both helped me raise the standard of my language skills and helped me learn the local culture and Finnish lifestyle.

I have gained a lot of work experience in different companies throughout my studies; this helped me develop my Finnish language skills but also it has also been a major benefit for my career. My target has always been on managerial tasks that connect me directly or indirectly with the customers. Thanks to my degree and language skills, I have become a supervisor in the delivery department at Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino Oyj.

Centria as a study place is one of the best universities of applied sciences in Finland, with a peaceful environment and availability of study materials and much more. The friendly environment with co-operative teachers, tutors and multicultural friends is the best part in here. And even though Kokkola is not a big city, it’s a wonderful city with easy access everywhere.

Saroj Ghimire



Study-buddies Sara Koskinen and Nguyen Le Huyen

Study-buddies Sara Koskinen and Nguyen Le Huyen are currently in their last study year in the degree programme in Business Management.

- I was so surprised by the international atmosphere here in my home town. There is such a good ambience in the classroom, and there are so many nationalities! – rejoices Sara, who stayed to study in her home town of Kokkola.Sara found her study place with the help of the study counselor in high school. She was a bit nervous about applying to a foreign language degree programme and whether her language skills would be sufficient to study.

- English has always been my favourite language, that’s why it is so wonderful to be able to use it every day!

Nguyen, who is from Vietnam, wanted to go to study abroad in order to become independent and to get a taste of an international life.

- I found Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences a bit by accident, but luckily I found it, says Nguyen with a chuckle.

- My language skills have been improving all the time during my studies. I enjoy my studies here; I was positively surprised by how close and helpful the teachers are towards students.By experience, Nguyen knows that one of most famous stereotypes concerning Finnish people is nothing close to the truth.

- Finnish people are definitely not silent people! Kokkola is a lovely town; the citizens are really friendly and nice people. I hope that in the future I can find a job where I can work with both Finnish and Vietnamese people.

Sara Koskinen and Nguyen Le Huyen



International internships are the most interesting

My time at Centria studying in the Degree Programme in Business Management has been a wonderful experience and career ushering process for me. A class of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures certainly creates the environment in which people can develop themselves in cultural understanding and tolerance.

Having mentioned that, the most interesting thing about the entire business programme is the possibility of students to undertake international internships. Work placement is an integral part of the study programme. Students have the opportunity to undertake their job placement in any country on the globe including the country of study and the students’ home countries.

I was rather fortunate to have undertaken my internship with a Chamber of Commerce in Wroclaw, Poland, called the Lower Silesia Chamber of Commerce. The international office of this department and the international office of the Ylivieska unit were very instrumental in the international internship opportunity that I had. I must say the international offices of the various units of the entire Centria are very helpful and keen on supporting students in every way within their capacity. They could ALMOST perform magic!

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree certificate from the department and have been admitted into the University of Vaasa to further my studies in a Master’s Degree Programme in Finance beginning in the 2010/11 academic year.

I had the opportunity to work in Centria project called EXIMIN ( as a project worker under the auspices of the BBA department. EXIMIN, making Africa known to companies, is a host of opportunities for students, in terms of finding practical training, finding an assignment (paid or unpaid) to serve as final thesis and even just finding a job whilst in school or after school with a countless number of companies who are partners of the EXIMIN project. I would strongly advice students to get involved in the EXIMIN project to explore the advantages there within.

The BBA programme of Centria is most definitely the programme for people who want to study business with a strong focus on internationality and want to become better managers.

Dayann Obeng-Darko



Exchange in Iceland was rewarding

As I begin my third year at Centria I know I made the right choice in coming here. I have been able to study abroad, participate in other intercultural events that have helped me in my studies along the way and I have also done my internship in a Finnish International company.

I studied abroad for one semester in Iceland, studying there was different and very rewarding. Iceland as a country is very beautiful with horses and waterfalls just around the corner (and I mean every corner) and of course your occasional volcanic eruption now and then. The experience was great, sometimes it was difficult to adjust to a new culture, but to be given the chance to take part, in an experience like this has  given me a lot.

During the summer I decided to start my internship at Baltic Yachts, a Finnish yacht building company located on the coast. My internship has been great, I have learned a lot of new things about office work and the programs that are used in most companies, I have also had to put my skills to work. Baltic Yachts being an international company has made me use of all my language skills. Being a Swedish speaking Finn gives me an advantage when it comes to customer service here along the coast, surely you also need finnish. I have had to rely on my Italian and German which I studied my first year and of course my English which has become more and more natural for me.

Languages for me are very important that is also one reason why Centria was a choice for me, you can take a lot of different language courses here, which in my opinion is very good. Also the fact that there are exchange students and full time students from abroad at Centria is nice. You get to meet new people and new cultures almost every day and in the classroom you can stir it up a lot when comparing countries with each other.

Choosing the BBA program has definitely worked out brilliant for me. I had a hard time choosing where to go and in which language to study in. English just seemed somehow natural for me and during these few years of studying it has improved a lot. I have discovered that you shouldn’t let the language be a problem because in the future you won’t remember if you were good or bad.

Someday I hope to work at an international company where I can put my skills to work, I’m hoping that this is the way to do it. I’m looking forward to my last year and all the new things a head of me, maybe I’ll see you around!

Pamela Kastrén


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