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Centria’s Fur Design Module opens new doors to the unique world of fur

The coastal town of Pietarsaari is located in the heart of the Finnish fur trade business, being surrounded by significant fox and mink farms and trading companies. Thus, making the most of its location and strong expertise, Centria University of Applied Sciences is currently offering a unique study module tailor-made for fashion professionals and students willing to develop their knowledge in handling fur. 

Our module has been attracting students, captivated by the noble material that fur is, from all over the world. Participants from Australia, China, Russia and Europe have joined the Fur Studies module to develop their previous knowledge, seek new inspiration or even discover something new altogether. 

Our module covers the fur product’s whole lifecycle, from getting acquainted with the origins of fur and how the material works and how it should be dealt with and advanced fur pattern making to creating real products. The module participants will learn how to design their fur products, starting from simple products building up to more elaborated products, eventually building up to a full collection.

Throughout our module, participants will visit in local fur farms and companies, travel to the “The One Milano” fair in Italy and participate in a unique class at Saga’s Design Centre in Denmark. Our students not only gain invaluable knowledge and skills through their studies at Centria UAS, but they also build their personal portfolio and develop their professional network by studying and working with participants from all over the world.

We offer two complementary modules:

  1. The Basics module takes place in the autumn. It does not require any prior knowledge in working with fur.
  2. The Advanced module takes place in the spring. It is a continuation of the Basics module and requires some prior skills and knowledge in fashion work and design.

 Check out the video from our last workshop:


Our brochures: 

You can also view our brochures here.



Fur & Leather

  • Varied, hands-on practice to recognise and to learn about fur and leather as fabric.
  • A total commitment to process stages, learning machinery and all the tools required. Engaging in learning the many techniques in both fur and leather.
  • Designing for the material and creating different surfaces for each. Enriching nature’s creation.


Introduction to Fur and the Fur Trade.

  • Fur, the natural fabric
  • Fur history, its origins and habitats.
  • Varieties of fur materials.
  • Using but not abusing the material. Environmental protection. Ecological aspects and geographical existence of fur.
  • Preparing, dressing and colouring treatments.
  • Understanding the needs for grading fur and leather.
  • Study visits to mink and fox farms, leather tannery, dressing company, pelting centre.
  • Visit to Saga Fur’s auction house in Vantaa, factories in the region, studios and their designers in Helsinki region.


Designing with Fur

  • Essential information on consumption, costing, budgeting.
  • Every fur designer will appreciate using the material without reservations, once they have learned its versatility.
  • Observational recognition of the material by sketching it and then applying it into design.


The Beauty and Value of Fur Accessories

  • Anything made out of fur or leather has value, no matter how large or small. Nature’s material is unique.
  • An accessory design project will allow us to apply our skills and natural talents to produce fur accessories.
  • Even the simplest articles, eg. a key holder, book mark, wallet or bag need a design and making process.


Creative Workshop

  • Organised into a project, a creative workshop will illustrate the methods required for consideration before designing anything.
  • During the workshop you will have a broad area and freedom to express your own design creativity and development under direction and supervision.


Designing and Making Your Own Fur Vest

  • You will design a vest of your own once you have harvested all the above gems of information and practice. And we will help you in making it!


Pattern Making

  • Fur pattern making is a speciality of its own. You will learn a variation of constructions, practice the process of fitting and making changes that will be needed, and basic pattern dividing to accommodate the skins.


Portfolio Construction

  • You will be proud of everything you have learned and created, and you will understand the importance of a personal portfolio, the profile of every designer. You will compile a beautiful, personal portfolio.
    This is the most important asset of every designer, creator and artist.






Advanced Fur Creative Design Workshop

  • In collaboration with a practising designer, and organised into a project, this workshop will strongly focus on a specific subject and method. It will build up the confidence of a methodical working process required when working with fur.

 Designing and Making Fur Hats and Fur Bags

  • Designing, constructing and making a hat or a bag requires specific knowledge and skills of the material. A specialist will teach and direct this course so that all the tricks and wonders of the fabric will be learned and applied to one’s own requirements.


Advanced Fur Pattern Making

  • Using a combination of different furs and various other materials, specific skills are applied to pattern construction. The form of calculation and material use is particular to fur and leather. This will be the main practice to assure a superb end product.


Milano Fur and Fashion

  • We will visit The One Milano Fair, the largest and most important fur fair in Europe. During the fair we will visit various companies, for example the well-known dressing company MIB in Bergamo. An exceptional chance to see one of the most prominent fashion centres in the world in action, art, architecture and much more.


Designing a Collection in Fur

  • Every designer's dream is to create a collection of their own. This is now the golden opportunity to do exactly that. We will all be there to advise and direct you to design a theme collection in fur based on your personal developments and strengths which you have acquired and accumulated during your study. This is an addition to your portfolio that will further enhance your profile.


A Course at Saga Design Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • This centre of design excellence is one of the top specialists of fur and design in Europe. A course here will expand your horizons and nourish all your creative capacities. It will also enable you to see top professionals in action, practising one of the world’s oldest trades and skills with the first natural fabric, fur.




















Price 3500 €+ VAT/Module

It is possible to take part in separate courses. Then the price is 400€+VAT/ week. (Except the week at Saga
Design Centre in Denmark. The application form is the same as to the modules.


Click here to apply for the Spring module! 

Application period: 15 October - 10 December 2018. 

We will  ask more information from the applicants once the application period closes.

It is possible to take part in separate courses. Then the price is 400€+VAT/ week. (Except the week at saga Design Centre in Denmark. The application form is the same as to the modules.

There is also a possibility of applying for a scholarship, witch covers part of the tuition fee.
A free-form application (max. 500 characters) can be submitted at the time of application.

SPRING 2019 -  Preliminary Schedule 




 Week 3


Introduction to the studies

 Week 4


Study at Saga Design Centre, Denmark*

 Week 5


Designing and Making Fur Hats

 Week 6


Designing and Making Fur Bags

 Week 7


Leather - The Second Skin

 Week 8


Study in Milano, Milano Fur & Fashion ,The One Milano-fair

 Week 9


Study in Milano, Milano Fur & Fashion, The One Milano-fair

 Week 10


Designing a Collection in Fur

 Week 11


Fur Pattern making

 Week 12


Designing and Making a Collection with Fur

 Week 13


Designing and Making a Collection with Fur

 Week 14


Designing and Making a Collection with Fur

 Week 15


Designing and Making a Collection with Fur

Changes in the programme may occur.
Totally 30 ECTS
The trips to Denmark and Italy are not included to the price.
The studies in Milano include marketing at the fair, study visits and lectures by experts.
The program is very intensive - please notice that the studies cover 6 days/ week.


Tips  for Visitors to the Fur Courses from Abroad


The airport closest to Pietarsaari (Jakobstad) is Kokkola/Pietarsaari. Finnair will list flights from Helsinki although they are operated by Norra or Nordic Airlines.  Some flights go directly to Kokkola and take about 1 hour but many go to Kemi first and therefore take about 3 hours.  You probably need to claim your luggage and then check it in again for this flight, so you must allow more time for this transfer.  It is possible you may have to stay overnight in Helsinki since there are not too many flights to Kokkola and so connections can be difficult. There is a taxi shuttle from the airport operated by Jeppis Taxi.  It takes about 25-30 minutes to get from the airport to the town.   The travel time is approximately 25 minutes.  You must book in advance, which is possible online: 


There is a taxi stand in town and so it would be possible to take a taxi somewhere if you needed to.

The nearest train station is Pännäinen/Bennäs  and it's located 10 kilometers from Pietarsaari. There is a lso a shuttle bus to and from Pännäinen/Bennäs. (Please notice not on saturdays.)


You should reserve the accomodation from the city of Pietasaari/Jakobstad. Included here are some options:

The Jugend Hotel has some hostel rooms and some hotel rooms. Checking in to the Jugend Hotel on Sundays requires advance arrangements since the reception shuts at noon.  It is about 8 blocks from the campus building. The Stads Hotel (City Hotel) is in the downtown area and about 3 blocks from the campus building.  Hotel Epoque is the fanciest and is also in the downtown area.

More information: Lecturer Pia Blomström tel. +358 503  368746, pia.blomstrom@centria.fi

Caption: The Wheel of Time By Julia Andreeva from Home, Sweet Home-collection
Photo: Santeri Jutila

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