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 Contact information:

Janne Peltoniemi Centria AMK

Kimmo Hakala Centria AMK

Janne Peltoniemi

Head of BBA-ERP, Next-Gen Chapter Lead

Phone: +358 40 808 5127

Focus areas: BBA-ERP programme, SAP Next-Gen Lab

University & Corporate Collaboration

PhD & M.Sc.(Econ & Bus Adm), Accounting & finance

Favorite dish: pasta carbonara

Motto: seeking values with longevity is the way

Kimmo Hakala

SAP Next-Gen Lab Admin

Phone:  +358 40 808 6632

BBA (tradenomi), Computer science student.

Focus areas: System Management, Test Center

Favorite dish: 宫保鸡丁

Hannu Kari Centria AMK

Juha Kujala Centria AMK

Hannu Kari

Senior Lecturer, Next-Gen Partner

Phone: +358 40 358 3438

Focus area: Teaching, Certifications, NGL staff education

M.Sc.(Econ), M.Sc.(Tech)

Favorite dish: whatever mom cooks

Motto: trust cannot be bought
Juha Kujala

Operative Lead

Phone: +358 40 640 4245

Focus areas: Next-Gen Operations, Collaboration & Representation

BBA, MBA Student

Favorite dish: gulash

Motto: weaknesses are untapped resources

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