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Next-Gen Chapter

About Us


Centria University of Applied Sciences is a multi-disciplinary, dynamic and international higher education institution. We pride ourselves with offering students and staff an environment that is innovative, caring and multicultural.

Centria’s SAP Next Gen Lab offers companies skilled and motivated students with deep focus on ERP development.

Centria has been educating SAP ERP over 20 years with passion, including starting the first SAP Next-Gen Lab in Nordic countries.

Centria’s Next–Gen Lab was awarded with “Next-Gen Chapter” –status in 2018 as a reward for excellent collaboration with corporate world and education. The only Next-Gen Chapter in Northern Europe is responsible to support and lead other Next-Gen Labs and educational institutes with SAP in their curricula. The focus areas of the chapter are analytics, project management, and corporate collaboration

All Centria’s Next-Gen Lab students are SAP certified future professionals working constantly with development and implementation of latest technologies to corporate environment. Special focus is on analytics and project management, but the Lab is open to all co-operation with SAP using organizations and educational institutes. Contact us if you think we can create something great together!


In the autumn of 2018, our first BBA program was launched with the focus on ERP systems. In our program, we use SAP systems as a basis for training. According to the curriculum, during the first year, students will go through basics of business administration, introductions to ERP systems, and SAP's TS410 certification, which allows students to get access in our Next-Gen Lab environment. During the second year, students can specialize in analytics or project management, for example. A compulsory part of the training is also practical work on Next-Gen Lab projects. The popularity of the degree program in the first application period has been outstanding, so we will develop our training to be as comprehensive and useful as possible for both the student and our organization.

More info about Centria BBA & Next-Gen Lab activities.


We have designed the MBA ERP program to be started in Autumn of 2019. The aim of the program is to provide deeper skill and knowledge for students interested in the field, as well as for those professionals who are already in work and want to have more knowledge. One of our greatest goals is to create a comprehensive study package that will serve as a path for the constantly evolving technological environment. Our training offers the opportunity to create the necessary theoretical and practical expertise on a career path of student’s choice.

Our 90cr program includes 60cr advanced professional studies, of which 15cr are Business Management, 15cr Methodology, and 30cr SAP ERP. The last 30cr comes with a Master’s thesis.

Aim of education is to increase professional skills, international trade and business competence. Students specialize in managing business operations (ERP) systems, which require extensive maintenance expertise. ERP control is mainly done by SAP’s software solutions at Next-Gen Lab of Centria, the only one of its kind in Northern Europe.

Graduates are able to work in management positions or at operational level with analytics and development work. The starting point is to train professionals for future labor market regarding the need of the business.

Corporate Collaboration

Some of the most relevant parts of our new BBA program are practical work in the Next-Gen Lab environment, internship, and a thesis work. Due to the scale and renewal of the field, the need for exploratory work and project work is currently really high demand in the labor market.

Due to the popularity of our training program, it is really important to take into consideration the extent of the necessary corporate support in our activities to train the best know-how in the field. We offer co-operation for our companies in addition to expertise in the field, including visibility, recruitment opportunities, and research work. Similarly, companies provide us with internships, thesis topics, mentoring, and collaborative projects that help students develop their skills in the demanding and ever changing field of SAP.

At this point, we have close collaboration with the following companies: Fujitsu, Wärtsilä, CGI, Neomore Consulting, Atos.

Next-Gen Lab Partners

If you are interested about what we have to offer, Contact us here.


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