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Student Office

Student office is helping the students in matters related to study affairs, for example, guidance and degree certificates. Centria students can contact studentoffice@centria.fi in all matters related to their studies.

If you have to visit the student office, you can also book an appointment. The appointment is campus-specific.

Student Office appointment

Please find contact information below:


 Talonpojankatu Campus, Talonpojankatu 2, 67100 Kokkola, FINLAND
 tel. 040 670 8863


 Vierimaantie Campus, Vierimaantie 7, 84100 Ylivieska, FINLAND
 tel. 044 449 2511


 Campus Allegro, Runeberginkatu 8, 68600 Pietarsaari, FINLAND
 tel. 040 073 4107  

Study counsellors

Student counselling is offered to all students at Centria. The aim of study counselling is to ensure a smooth study, support the development of expertise and support your professional growth. Study counselling is pedagogical support during the whole study path at Centria, with the aim to support the progress of your studies and help you graduate within the set time. Central in the counselling, is to help you familiarize with the working methods at Centria, support you to stay active and motivated, as well as support in individual choices related to the studies and well-being.

Supervision of learning and studies is the responsibility of the entire teaching staff. The teachers inform you about the learning goals of the course, how to study in order to achieve the learning goals of the course and open, how the course supports your professional growth.

Study counsellors can support you when there are challenges with studying in general, trouble in finding suitable courses, challenges with the course load or with a sudden imbalance in studies or life. Study counsellors offer special support for students, who are delayed in their studies or under threat of abandoning the studies.

At the Kokkola campus, you can contact the campus student counsellors, who can guide you in the following fields of study: business, engineering, nursing and social services. This means, that business, engineering, social services and nursing students can contact any of the campus student counsellors to get guidance. You can contact the campus student counsellors directly by e-mail: studentcounsellor@centria.fi

Other fields of study (Music Pedagogy, Humanities and Education): firstname.lastname@centria.fi

Please find the contact details below, according to Campus:


 Talonpojankadun kampus, Talonpojankatu 2, 67100 Kokkola
 Student counsellor (Campus student counsellor) Tuula Hohenthal    040 120 9878
 Student counsellor, Humanities and Education Maria Känsäkoski 044 449 2643
 Student counsellor (Campus student counsellor) Riina Kleimola 040 185 6689
 Student counsellor, Music pedagogy Riitta Kossi 044 725 0778
 Student counsellor (Campus student counsellor) Linda Krokfors 044 725 0406



 Vierimaantien kampus, Vierimaantie 7, 84100 Ylivieska
 Student counsellor, Social services                           Sari Järvenpää 040 184 8527
 Student counsellor, Humanities and Education Maria Känsäkoski 044 449 2643
 Student counsellor, Engineering and Business Marko Laitila 044 449 2545


 Campus Allegro, Runeberginkatu 8, 68600 Pietarsaari
 Student counsellor, Business     Maria Åhman-Nylund 040 729 9969
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