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Communications services / for media

This page contains information about Centrias' communications services. Communications services will assist you in any media visibility related questions. Centria's communication language is mainly Finnish. Feel free to contact us!

Strategy (in Finnish)

Strategia 2018-2022

Strategia 2021-2024

Annual reports (in Finnish)

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Press releases

We send our press releases via the ePressi-service. You can also find all our press releases and photos from our website's news-section.

Releases and theses

Centria UAS releases

Centria University of Applied Sciences publishes dozens of publications each year, in which, for example Centria experts write about the results of research and development projects. There are a total of four series:

Centria. Learning materials
Centria. Speeches
Centria. Reports and surveys
Centria. Studies

All releases and theses can be found in the Theseus-service.


finnish / english

Centria in social media


Our e-mail adresses are of form: forename.surname@centria.fi

Communications services general e-mail address: viestinta@centria.fi

Communications services
Communications Manager Marjo Pekola +358 44 725 0062
Marketing Coordinator Arja Haikola  
Communications Designer Iida-Maria Lauri  
Marketing and Communications Designer Johanna Essel +358 40 652 7733
Media Designer Markus Kunelius +358 40 808 5104
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