Transfer student from another UAS

A transfer student study entitlement is granted to a student enrolled in another Finnish university of applied sciences whose existing study entitlement is valid at that university of applied sciences and who has enrolled as attending for at least one semester. Studies must be full-time.

Courses will constitute the major activity. A transfer student may only move to another university of applies sciences which offers a corresponding degree programme with the same degree/degree title. In doing so, the student transfers his/her whole study entitlement from the former university of applied sciences to the new university of applied sciences of study.

A transfer from one area of study to another must be applied for. Based on the degree programme’s statement, the final decision about accepting a transfer student is taken by the head of student administration (based on the resources and available places of the degree programme).

Transfer student application takes place in on 1st May 2019. The application period lasts two weeks. The next available application period will be in 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Services.

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