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Centria University of Applied Sciences has operations in the three towns of Kokkola, Ylivieska and Pietarsaari. This region is not only characterized by the old towns, the sea with its archipelago, and vivid bilingualism, but also by the long river valleys, traditional country life and bustling local cultures.

Proximity to the sea, a major feature of Pietarsaari, is well demonstrated both in its study and work life. Pietarsaari is a distinctly bilingual town of 20,000 inhabitants. On the picture below you can see a modern campus Allegro located in the middle of Pietarsaari, close to the shops and city centre.




"Pietarsaari is peaceful and beautiful town! We have lot of students around here during study semesters. The nature is amazing here and we have the sea right by the corner. Also, I knew that by studying at Centria I would meet a lot of different people from around the world. Centria is a very international environment which opens your mind. Being a part of this environment I knew that I would learn much more about business cultures in all over the globe."

Yonna Keto (Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business)


"Even though Jakobstad is a small town it has a lot to offer. Art and music educations are located at Campus Allegro and that means that there’s lots of live music and cultural events if you know where to look for them.If you enjoy spending time outdoors there are a lot of hiking and mountainbiking trails and in the summer you should definitely pay Fäboda beach a visit!
In the winter you can try cross country skiing at one of the many skiing tracks located in either Jakobstad or surrounding municipalities Pedersöre and Larsmo. There is even a ski slope just outside Jakobstad if you prefer downhill skiing or snowboarding instead of cross country skiing. 
About 56% of the population has Swedish as their mother tounge and 41% has Finnish as their mother tounge. In the surrounding municipalities however Swedish is in a strong majority. 
Since Swedish is the majority language in the Jakobstad region we are heavily influenced by the latest trends from Sweden. Swedish tv-channels are broadcasted here and many are following the Swedish media, blogs etc. 
Jakobstad is sometimes called “Little-Stockholm” because of this. And there are other similarities to; a fair variety of cafés, pubs and stores and it is located near the ocean."

Petter Bonde (Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business)


"My name is Jonas Emet, I am 26 years old and I study Business Administration in Pietarsaari. Besides studying, I play football for FF Jaro in the Finnish Football League. I have now finished my first year of studies and think the first year was great. The studies have been demanding, but rewarding, and I feel like I have chosen the right place to study. My choice of Centria, Pietarsaari, was partly due to my football career here, but I also have several friends who have studied here and recommended Centria as a good alternative. The new beautiful Campus Allegro is also a positive factor adding to the fact that I like it very much here."

Jonas Emet (Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business)




Students may look for part-time jobs. However, many local companies often require some Finnish skills for even basic positions. However, Finnish language studies are a part of the curricula.

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