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Studies at Centria University of Applied Sciences are very practically oriented: students work on real-life cases, visit companies, and undertake work placements.  Students are personally guided throughout their studies, both by a student counselor as well as an allocated teacher tutor that advises them on all issues.   

Upon your arrival at Centria, student tutors will welcome you; they will show the newcomers around their new town and explain to them how to get around. The student union COPSA organizes events throughout the year to help students get to know each other, such as outdoor activities, games, parties, etc.

Kokkola is a human-sized town, which is extremely safe for all: the crime rate is extremely low, and it is safe to walk around at any time. The city is surrounded by nature and close to the sea; students can enjoy the pure fresh air and the outdoors at any time!  

Living expenses

Living costs in Kokkola are cheaper than in the capital area. See the chart below to be able to get an idea about your monthly expenses. 

Accommodation* 200-300€/month
Food 200€/month
Study materials 0€/month
Transportation fees 0€/month
OVERALL 400€/month


*Accommodation in shared student dormitories. See section ´Accommodation in Kokkola´ below for more information.

Also, remember that students from outside of the EU/ETA area are required to pay tuition fees. More information about tuition fees, scholarships, and other discounts can be found here:


Studying and working

Students may look for part-time jobs. However, many local companies often require some Finnish skills for even basic positions. However, Finnish language studies are a part of the curricula.


Accommodation in Kokkola

Centria Housing offers furnished rooms, single and family apartments. Family apartments (studio to 2 bedroom flats) are unfurnished; they are rented out to people belonging to the same household. Couples and single students (aged over 18) can apply for studios. Students can deal with accommodation related issues right on campus.

Shared apartments are always rented out as furnished flats. The furniture includes a desk, a chair, a bookshelf, and a bed (in some rooms, the bed is only a frame without a mattress – 80*200 cm, such as Tankkari III and V). Residents are in charge of bringing bed clothing, dishes. Electricity, water, and heating fees are included in the rent.  However, the rent does not include water and electricity in the Tankkari I flats, meaning their residents will be billed separately. Sauna is free of charge for all Tankkari residents.

There are laundries in all Tankkari residences, which can be paid for by phone. Some prepaid subscriptions may not work. Heated park spaces can be rented out for a 3€ monthly fee. Contact the housing office if you want to rent a parking space.

The apartments are "Internet-ready", but residents should contact the operator of their choice and contract it themselves. All apartments are linked to the cable network. Each shared room has a TV socket.


Contact information

Centria Housing, Talonpojankatu 2, 67100 Kokkola
tel. +358 40 193 6468

Contacts concerning Tankkari Student Housing maintenance and invoicing:
Kokkolan Talohoito Oy, Mäntynäädänkatu 6 (Koivuhaka service center), 67800 Kokkola
tel. +358 40 181 7400


Make Kokkola your new home!


The fabulous outdoors


 Hobbies for all


Student life in Kokkola




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