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TANKKARI - student accommodation in Kokkola


Where is the student housing office and what are the office hours?

Tankkari's helpdesk is located on Talonpojakatu 2 campus in the Student office. The student office can be easily accessed from the main lobby which is located right after the main entrance door. Contact information and opening hours can be found here.

How to apply? When does the application period start?

Students apply by filling an application form which is available on Tankkari’s website (www.tankkari.fi). There is no restricted application period, the application form is always open. Once an application for an apartment made and submitted, it is always only valid for 3 months and then students need to make a new one.

Centria Housing offers apartments one month in advance. Basically, it means, that apartments for instance for April will be offered at the beginning of March. The housing office also only knows the apartment situation only one month ahead.

Considering the above mentioned, if for example, a student wants to apply for an apartment starting from August, it would be wise to send the application earliest at the end of May and the latest at the end of July. That way the application is valid when the apartment selections are being made.

How to fill out the application form?

In the application, the applicant is asked about personal information and contact information. Applicants should be extra careful when filling in the contact information. The apartment offer will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant.  

The applicant can wish for a certain location or for a certain type of room in the application. Centria Housing recommends being open with all types of apartments and locations because that way getting an apartment during the rush months is easier.

Also, if two applicants wish to share an apartment with one and another, they both need to state that information in their applications.

Who can apply?

All students studying in Kokkola are eligible to apply. If students wish to apply for a family apartment (studio or two-room apartment with a kitchen), they need to be over 18 years of age.

What kind of apartments are available?

Centria housing offers two types of apartments - shared apartments and family apartments.

-> Shared apartments are either shared with two or three other students of the same gender. Every resident has their own room and in Tankkari 5 building each resident has their own room and their own bathroom as well. Shared apartments have some basic furniture - the room always has a bed (without/without a mattress depending on which Tankkari building the apartment is in), bookshelf, desk and chair, a closet for clothes, and a table lamp or a ceiling lamp. In some rooms, there is also an extra chair.

-> Family apartments are either one-room apartments and a kitchen or two-room apartments with a kitchen. Family apartments do not have any furniture. Pets are allowed in family apartments, except in Tankkari 1 building.

What are the rents and how to pay?

The rent depends on multiple aspects: type of accommodation (shared/family), size of the apartment, location of the Tankkari building.

Shared apartments rents are between 210€ – 290€

One room and kitchen are between 320€ – 430€

Two rooms and kitchen are between 450€ – 500€

The rents need to be paid monthly. The tenant will get all the rent bills and other necessary information when the rent agreement is signed at the office. The rent needs to be paid by bank transaction, payment by cash is not possible.

What is included in the rent?

The rent includes electricity, heating, water, and access rights to the communal sauna. The use of the laundry room is also included in the rent.

NOTE! In Tankkari 1 tenant pays for electricity and water with separate agreements.

What is a deposit and why does it need to be paid?

Everyone student renting Tankkari accommodation has to pay a deposit. The applicant has about two weeks to pay the deposit bill and it is sent with the apartment offer. By paying the deposit offer, the applicant reserves the offered apartment to herself/himself.

Deposit stays at Tankkari housing and is used to cover the costs if the tenant has not cleaned the apartment well after moving out or if Tankkari’s property or the actual apartment has been damaged. Though, if all the rent is paid and the apartment is cleaned well and everything is fine, the tenant will have the deposit back in full.

Deposit for shared apartments: 300€

Deposit for one room and a kitchen: 400€ – 450€

Deposit for two rooms and a kitchen: 500€

Does every Tankkari apartment have an Internet connection?

Unfortunately, only Tankkari 1 has an internet connection at the moment.

All apartments however have the necessary plugs to establish an internet connection. Tenant purchases the internet connection from whichever provider he or she wishes.

How long can a student live in Tankkari apartment after graduating?

After graduating, students are allowed to live in their apartment for 6 months.

How is the cancellation of a rental agreement done? What does one month notice period mean?

If a tenant wishes to cancel her or his rent agreement, she or he needs to do it in writing, either by filling the cancellation form from Tankkari’s website and sending it to housing@centria.fi or in-person by visiting the Tankkari office and signing designated documents.

In rent agreements done until further notice, the period of notice is one month, which means that the rental agreement will end at the end of the following month, after the month in which the tenant has cancelled the lease on his or her apartment.

For example, if one ends the rent agreement during May, the agreement ends the last day of June. In family apartments, both tenants have to sign the cancellation of the rent agreement.

How is the accommodation in Pietarsaari for campus Allegro students organized?

For information and reservation of student accommodation in Pietarsaari, please contact Realia housing agency via email: robin.nyman@realia.fi


During the rush months (July, August, and September) the fastest way to contact the Centria Housing office is via email at housing@centria.fi.

All necessary information can be also found on Tankkari’s website at www.tankkari.fi.

Centria Housing, Talonpojankatu 2, 67100 Kokkola
tel. +358 40 193 6468

See the opening hours or book an appointment with Centria Housing here.

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