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September 2021 BBA application round

The next application period for all 8 Bachelor´s degree programmes conducted in English for applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland will be arranged between 5 January and 19 January 2022. At the moment, we do not have detailed information, rules and policies for this application round, however you can follow our website where all important information will be published once confirmed.


Additionaly, we are preparing a September 2021 BBA application round in which applicants applying with a qualification completed outside Finland will be able to apply for Business Management programme.



  • Only one programme available for application – Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Management (3,5years, 210ECTS)
  • Application period: 1 September – 15 September 2021 (deadline for submitting attachments to applications 17 September 2021)
  • Application takes place at Studyinfo.fi and is free of charge for all applicants
  • Applicants can apply in this application round with one of the following qualifications:

The International Baccalaureate, German Reifeprüfung or European Baccalaureate Diplomas completed outside Finland

Foreign education that provides eligibility to apply for higher education in the country in question



  • Applicants start the application process by filling an online application form during the application period at Studyinfo.fi. There is no need for using education agents since the application is publicly available to everyone via Internet as well as the admission process follows predefined admissions criteria which an agent cannot influence.




  • When filling the application form, applicants are advised to double-check if the given postal address is up to date and the given email address is functional. A functional email address is particularly important in order to be able to be contacted later on with decisions and further guidelines. The email address provided in the application form will be taken as the official channel of communication and will not be changed later in the process.
  • Once the application has successfully been registered, applicants receive an application number. If an application number is received, applicants do not have to contact Centria´s Admissions office to confirm that the application has arrived.
  • The deadline for filling in the application and submitting it is 15 September 2021. After submitting the application, applicants are still able to make changes in the application or attach additional documents to it. The deadline for making changes and submitting attachments is 17 September 2021 at 3 pm Finnish time.



  • Student selection will be based on an online entrance exam which will take place on 27 September 2021
  • Online entrance exam will be based on a reading material provided during the exam. Applicants will read the material during the exam and answer multiple-choice questions based on the material.
  • Maximum points to be scored is 100 points. Each correct answer will be rewarded by 5 points. In order to pass the exam and to be able to get selected, applicant needs to score at least 50 points.
  • The best scoring 20 eligible applicants will be selected.
  • Deadline for publishing the results: 29 October 2021
  • Deadline for accepting the offered study place + paying the fees: 3 December 2021, 3pm Finnish time



  • All applicants MUST participate in the entrance exam. After applicants participate in the entrance exam, the best scoring 20 applicants will be selected.
  • A link to the online entrance exam and reading material will be sent to applicants via email (to the email address which applicants put to their application at Studyinfo.fi) in the morning of the day of the exam (27 September 2021). The entrance exam will arrive from this email address: messages-noreply@webropolsurveys.com, so make sure you do check your SPAM folder, just to make sure that the link accidentaly does not go there! Please note that each applicant will receive a unique link to the entrance exam.
  • The exam link is going to be accessible from 9 am Finnish time to 9 pm Finnish time of the day of the exam (27 September 2021).
  • Once applicant opens the link, he/she will have 90 minutes to work on the exam. During that time, applicant has to fill in his/her personal details, answer all 20 exam questions, and submit filled exam.
  • From each applicants personal exam link, only ONE exam can be submitted. After applicant submits the exam, he/she cannot go back and change or review the exam anymore. Also, once the exam is submitted, it is not possible to open the unique exam link again. If, by any chance, we receive two or more exams from one applicant, only the very first exam will be taken into consideration.
  • After applicants submit the entrance exam, they will see a screen which says that the eTest has been successfully submitted. 
  • All they need to do after that, is wait for the admission results to be published. Admission results will be announced by 29 October 2021 the latest. All applicants (accepted and not accepted) will be informed about their admission by e-mail.
  • If you have any questions, please send them to admissions@centria.fi. Do not reply to the messages-noreply@webropolsurveys.com email, Centria UAS is not going to receive replies to this email.
  • Please notice, that eligibilities are going to be checked only after the entrance examinations and therefore it is possible for an applicant to take part in the online entrance exam even if she/he is not eligible to apply for higher education at Centria UAS. However, only eligible applicants can be accepted as new students.



  • After accepting the study place, and before applying for a residence permit, citizens of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland are obliged to pay a tuition fee.
  • Tuition fee/academic year: 7000 €
  • Students are offered an early bird discount of 1500 € of the first year's tuition fee if they accept the offered study place and pay the tuition fee within two weeks after receiving the offer letter.
  • Also, Centria UAS offers 50 % scholarship for all of its second and third year students
  • Detailed info concerning the fees & scholarships can be found here: https://web.centria.fi/applicants/tuition-fees-and-scholarships-for-bachelors-degree-programme



  • After applicants accept the offered study place (and paid the tuition fees), they will be automatically enrolled as present for the academic year 2022.
  • For all accepted students, the studies will start in January 2022!
  • If students have NOT received a residence permit and/or have NOT been able to arrive on campus by the start of the academic year (January 2022), their studies will start in ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING MODE(However, students are expected to arrive on campus as soon as they receive a residence permit)!



  • Students pay tuition fees based on their study right, NOT on the amount of gained credits nor enrollments to courses. If person is a student of Centria UAS enrolled as present, he/she is obliged to pay tuition fees. 

    • Student can enroll for as many courses as he/she wishes, the tuition fees stay unchanged
    • Student can gain unlimited amount of credits per semester, the tuition fees stay unchanged
    • Student who decides NOT to participate in the education anyhow (no enrollments for courses, no credits gained), will still be charged the tuition fees, since the fees are based on the study right


  • If student receives a negative residence permit decisionthe tuition fee can be under certain conditions refunded.
  • Detailed refund policy can be found here: https://web.centria.fi/applicants/tuition-fees-and-scholarships-for-bachelors-degree-programme
  • Students who study online in distance learning mode in spring term 2022 and wish to apply for the tuition fee refund after receiving a negative residence permit decision, will get a full refund of the tuition fee (after the handling fee deduction of 250 euros) if they choose not to continue their studies. The negative decision as well as the notification of withdrawal have to be submitted to Centria by 31 July the latest. This is an exception to the refund policy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After the deadline, tuition fees will not be refunded even if a negative decision is received.
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