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Centria’s Nordic Pathway at Shanghai Jiaotong University

Join Centria’s Nordic Pathway at Shanghai Jiaotong University, allied with other Finnish institutes!

Centria together with Lapin, Metropolia, Kajaania and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, and the School of Continuing Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly opened a one-year Finnish pathway course (credit course) in Shanghai. The first semester (August 2021.8 – December 2021) focuses on intensive learning of academic English; the second semester (January 2022 – May 2022) a total of 30 credits in 6 courses is taught by professors of Finnish partner University of Applied Sciences. We have reserved a limited number of study places exclusively for successful graduates of the pathway program.

You are eligible to apply for admission if you meet the admission requirements of our institution, achieved a minimum of 20 academic credits and 10 language credits in the preparatory course. Relevant credits can be transferred to undergraduate courses.

For specific enrollment information, please consult Mr. Gao at 158-0098-5998, or Centria China Program Coordinator via Wechat: xulifinland

我校联盟芬兰其他四所高校: 拉普兰应用科技大学,城市应用科技大学,卡亚尼应用科技大学,萨塔昆塔应用科技大学和上海交通大学继续教育学院在上海合作开办一年制芬兰留学预科班(学分课),学生第一学期(2021.8--2021.12)主要集中强化学习英语;第二学期(2022.01---2022.05)由合作的芬兰大学教授6门课程总共30个学分。我们给预科班学生预留一些名额,对于达到我校录取要求并且考试通过20个学分的学生(同时第一学期的10个学分)可以申请录取到合作专业,相关学分可以转到本科课程中。具体招生信息可以咨询158-0098-5998 高老师(中国), 或者我校中国项目协调员许力(芬兰)微信: xulifinland


Centria's Talonpojankatu Campus in Kokkola.

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