Incomplete degree

If you have completed studies at any Finnish university of applied sciences, but for some reason you have not finished your degree programme, you may be reinstated as a student in the same or equivalent education if you apply for a fixed term student right.

According to Centria University of Applied Sciences degree regulations:

A student who has withdrawn or resigned from a UAS or whose study right has expired may apply for a fixed time period reinstatement of his/her study right in the same or equivalent education in which he/she previously had a study right. The purpose of reinstating a fixed time study right is to enable a student who interrupted his/her studies to finish the incomplete studies without applying through the joint application procedure. The applicant continues in the UAS degree program he/she previously began in Finland either in the same or equivalent training program in order to complete the degree. The study right is granted as a one-off and is determined by the scope of the incomplete studies, however with the scope of the incomplete studies not exceeding the equivalent of one year’s studies. No credit requirements are imposed on applicants applying for higher UAS degree programs. An application handling fee of 50 Euros will be charged (A1440/2014 §3).

The study right is applied for on a separate form, to which are attached an academic transcript and the program coordinator’s approved study plan schedule (graduation plan) of the courses required to complete the degree program. Prior learning and knowledge gained elsewhere (AHOT) are recognized in the graduation plan. The student must meet objectives for degrees and qualifications effective at the time of registration (e.g. language proficiency requirements). The rector or a person authorized by the rector decides on fixed term study rights.

During the granted study right period, a student is not eligible to register as non-attending. An additional extension may be granted once if there are serious grounds for the continuation. If a student fails to graduate during the normative duration of studies, he/she must reapply to the UAS for admission through the joint application procedure.

If you are interested in this opportunity, complete this application form and contact the person responsible for the degree programme in order to draw up a personal study plan. Think very carefully about how much time you will need to complete your studies, as this time usually cannot be extended.

An application processing fee of 50 Euros will be charged (Government decree 1440/2014). Payment is made to Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd’s bank account and the payment receipt (e.g. e-bank printout) is attached to the application.

Methods of payment include the following:

1) Bank transfer to Centria University of Applied Sciences’ account (IBAN: FI9480001570416462). Write your last name and the name of your study programme in the reference field.

2) Payment through the payment terminal in the Talonpojankatu campus info. Enter your name and study programme when making the payment.

Attach the payment receipt to the application. The receipt should include your name and the payment reference number (which shows that the payment has been transferred from the account). The application will not be processed if there is no attached receipt for the processing fee.

Further information is available from Centria University of Applied Sciences Admissions Services.

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