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Recognition of credit mobility and prior learning

A student can apply for credit transfer on previously completed studies. However, if the completed studies are prerequisite for UAS study, they do not qualify for credit transfer. Further information about credit transfers of previously completed studies is available from the Student affairs officer at your unit.

The student can also apply for RPL (AHOT in Finnish) procedure (Recognition of prior learning) which means that other than formal education can also qualify as credit transfer. This can be knowledge acquired through work, hobbies, positions of trust etc.

Recognition of prior learning is grounded in competency-based thinking. The specific competency and the outcome of the learning process are crucial here, not the consideration of how and where the competency, knowledge, and skills were acquired. Learning and competencies may originate in the most versatile situations, through both formal and everyday learning, also in the working life. Thus the individual has the right to apply for the recognition of his or her prior learning regardless of how he or she acquired it. (Universities Finland UNIFI and the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, 2009.)

Principles of RPL
The RPL process is initiated by the student, who reflects on using this opportunity. The student is not left alone in the process but supported and advised by the teacher tutor, study counsellor, degree programme co-ordinator or the student affairs office.
The RPL procedure is only applicable to those students who have study entitlement in Centria University of Applied Sciences.
Completed studies do not become outdated during the student’s degree programme study. For the most part, they are valid for 10 years after the student terminated his or her study. Studies completed more than 10 years ago require specific deliberation by the degree programme in case the student intends to apply for them to be included in the degree programme. If the student has acquired working-life experience after completing his or her degree, the validity of the studies will be considered in a flexible way.  
In the case formal study, recognition of prior learning is primarily processed on the basis of certificates of study. Studies previously completed and evaluated as part of formal study attainment need not be evaluated again.  
A final-year thesis is not recognised as previous learning, unless as an exception. This may be olla a final-year thesis previously completed in the same degree programme (e.g. a transfer student has completed the thesis in the same degree programme in another university of applied sciences; or, a thesis that was completed in a different study option of the same degree programme). Also, the student’s maturity exam may be recognised when validating with the final-year thesis.
The validation of learning acquired through informal and everyday methods of learning is conducted in view of the objectives of the study module or the course. The validation events are aim for providing evidence of prior learning.
RPL application
The student draws up and submits an application, in which he or she can include documents showing evidence of prior learning. The materials that can be used as evidence of learning are the following:
• information about completing previous studies successfully, with certificates attached;
• other certificates about taking part in instruction and education;
• work certificates issued by employers;
• accounts of achievements and skills by the student, which may have produced knowledge and skills related to the learning outcomes in question;  
• copies of reports and documents produced by the student;
• copies of presentations held previously by the student;
• copies of other materials produced by the student.

For more information on RPL (AHOT) please contact the teacher of the specific subject.

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