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Grading scale

Courses are graded as follows:

5 = Excellent
4 = Good
3 = Good
2 = Satisfactory
1 = Satisfactory
0 = Fail
S = Passed

A student who has enrolled for a course but does not complete it, receives grade fail (0). A numerical course grade cannot be changed to passed (S).

When recognition of prior learning (RPL) is applied, courses completed at the university of applied sciences or abroad are validated based on the grades awarded, provided this is possible. Likewise, informal and non-formal prior learning are graded by grades 1-5. Grade passed (S) is only used if a numerical grade is not purposeful.

Failed courses may be retaken no more than twice, however within a maximum period of one year from the course termination, at a date specified by the unit. The grade of a passed course may be upgraded only once, and this is to be done within a maximum period of one year from the course termination. Upgrading is not possible in courses that include an artistic process. The grade of bachelor’s thesis cannot be upgraded.

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