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Academic guidance


Centria UAS offers continuous guidance to the student all the way from admission through education to graduation and employment.

The main objectives of this guidance are independent study planning on part of the student, smooth progress through studies, degree programme completion within the established time framework and support for the student's professional growth. This guidance intends to underline the importance of student responsibility for and commitment to individual studies and career planning.

Every student within Centria UAS constitutes a vital component in the whole learning and guidance structure. Each member of staff has a duty to guide and support the student.

Study counsellors


Tutorage comprising student and teacher supervisors’ forms part of the guidance system at Centria UAS. Study guidance and tutorage provide assistance to new students in matters relating to their studies. The aim is to clarify questions regarding study procedures and improve the student's planning and performance where necessary.

Teacher tutoring

• New students are divided into small groups and a teacher tutor is named to every group
• Students are provided with both small group and individual guidance regularly throughout their studies
• Group discussions can cover predetermined themes
• Individual guidance meetings enable more profound discussion on students’ vocational development, personal study plan, progress of studies and career planning.

Student tutoring

Tutoring is a form of activity based on social needs, that aims to help the new students to get started in their studies. Student tutoring is an important part of this activity. Student tutors provide peer support for students. They are easy to approach persons you can ask anything from. Student tutoring is beneficial for both the tutor and the student. The tutors’ benefits include improvement of coordination ability, teamwork skills, presentation skills and social skills as well as gaining new friends. The students’ benefits include easier adaptation to the study environment, improvement of motivation and study atmosphere as well as the study results.

Personal study plan

A personal study plan (PSP) allows students to plan and monitor their studies. PSP is drawn up on the basis of the student's curricula which can be found from SoleOPS. Drawing up and updating the PSP is the student's responsibility, but the guidance may, where necessary, be available for example, from your teacher tutor or study counsellor.

PSP will be drawn up in the early stages of the studies and it works as the student's study planning tool for the entity of the studies.
Bachelor’s degree consists of compulsory and elective studies. Whilst preparing the PSP the students familiarize themselves with the content of the studies and take their individual needs, strengths and career plans into account when planning and choosing the studies (e.g. advanced studies, elective studies, theme of final thesis, internships). Others studies completed in higher education may possibly be accredited.

PSP covers the entity of the studies and also includes career planning. As the studies progress and student's life circumstances change (eg. International exchange, military service, maternity or sick leave) the PSP will be updated to reflect the status quo.

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