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Academic authorities



The administration of Centria University of Applied Sciences


Academic authorities

Director (Education) Jennie Elfving, D.Sc (Economics & Business Administration)


Academic responsibles                        


Head of Environmental and Chemical engineering: Staffan Borg, M.Sc. (Eng.)
Head of Information Technology: Jari Isohanni
Head of Electrical and Automation engineering: Aki Suokko, Ph.D. (Natural Sciences) and M.Sc (Energy Engineering)
Head of Industrial Management: Mika Kumara, Lic.Sc. (Tech.)
Head of Technology Administration (Master’s level): Pekka Makkonen, Ph.D. (Economics and Business Administration)

Business Management

Head of Business Economics, International Business: Marko Ovaskainen, D.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration)
Head of Business Competence, International Business Management (Master’s level): Katarina Broman, Lic. Sc. (Econ.)

Health Care and Social Services

Head of Nursing: Timo Kinnunen
Head of Social services: Pirjo Forss-Pennanen, Ph.D. (Education)
Head of Social and Health Care Development and Management (Master’s level): Annukka Kukkola, RN, PhD (Health Sciences)

Humanities and education

Civic activities and youth work: Vesa Nuorva, Th.D.


Head of Music: Annika Mylläri, MUM                     

Email addresses: firstname.lastname@centria.fi

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