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Bachelor Programmes in Finnish

Centria offers Bachelor's degree programmes in Finnish in five different fields of study. The Bachelor's degrees are first-cycle qualifications (EQF level 6).

Insinööri (AMK), Prosessi- ja materiaalitekniikka, kemiantekniikka
  (Bachelor of Engineering, Process and Material Engineering, Chemical Engineering)
Insinööri (AMK), Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikka
  (Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Automation Engineering)
Insinööri (AMK), Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka
  (Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology)
Insinööri (AMK), Tuotantotalous
  (Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management)

Business Management
Tradenomi (AMK), Liiketalous
  (Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Economics)

Health Care and Social Services
Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)
  (Bachelor of Health Care/Nursing)
Terveydenhoitaja (AMK)
  (Bachelor of Health Care/Public Health Nurse)
Sosionomi (AMK)
  (Bachelor of Social Services)

Musiikkipedagogi (AMK)
  (Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Music Pedagogue)

Humanities and Education
Yhteisöpedagogi (AMK), Kirkon nuorisotyö
  (Bachelor of Humanities/Community Educator, Civic activities and youth work)

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