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Work placement possibilities


Practical training is an essential part of UAS studies. It is included in all fields of education and in all degree programmes. Students primarily complete their practical training in a work environment that is related to their field of education.

The aim of practical training is to give the students an opportunity to apply their knowledge acquired in theoretical study and to develop their skills of independent work. Practical training seeks to deepen the students' skills, to orientate them to jobs in the field as well as to support and complement their study as designed by their degree programme. The periods of practical training are intended to form a path of professional development. Thus, practical training must be versatile enough, and it must gradually become more challenging and demanding for them.

The scope of UAS practical training is 30 to 120 credit points depending on the degree programme. The credit point is the basic unit for measuring UAS studies. An effort of 1,600 hours, which is required to complete the study of one academic year on the average, is equivalent to 60 credit points. The total scope of practical training is thus 20 to 80 working weeks.

For more information on work placements for exchange students, please see here.

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